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Arizona Adventure

Arizona Adventure

The Grand Canyon is an amazing show of God's power and creation.  Your students will be amazed as they see first-hand this breathtaking natural wonder.   Other highlights of this Grand Canyon and Arizona ACTS' Education Program include craters, Hoover Dam, Indian dwellings, Jeep rides, and more.

  • Program Highlights

    Almost all ACTS' Education Programs to the Grand Canyon and Arizona will typically include:


    • Ghost Town visit
    • Hoover Dam
    • Grand Canyon Caverns
    • Meteor Crater
    • Lowell Observatory
    • South Rim Grand Canyon
    • Sedona - Pink Jeep Tours
    • Montezuma Castle National Monument
  • Climate

    At elevations of about 7,000 feet above sea level, the Grand Canyon's South Rim usually has snow in the winter and cool nights, even in summer. At the bottom of the canyon, along the Colorado River, there is a distinctly different climate.  At an elevation almost a mile lower than the South Rim, the temperatures at the canyon bottom can reach 120 degrees F.  The North Rim is 1,000 feet higher than the South Rim and can receive snow throughout most of the year. 
    Summer temperatures on the South Rim are relatively pleasant - around 50s-80s F.  Winter conditions at the South Rim can be extreme: expect snow, icy roads and trails, and possible road closures.  Spring and fall on both rims, weather is quite unpredictable, so visitors should be prepared for sudden changes in the weather and a variety of climates.
  • Geography

    The Grand Canyon is an awesome display of God’s creation. Carved through layers of limestone, sandstone, shale, schist, and granite, this great chasm stretches 277 miles through the Colorado Plateau. It descends over a mile into the earth and extends as much as 18 miles in width. The Canyon holds within its walls mountains that are taller than anything east of the Mississippi River. Grand Canyon National Park encompasses both Marble Canyon and Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is also a place to find and explore the wonders of His creation. When viewed from a biblical perspective, the Canyon has “God” written all over it, from the splendor and grandeur of the Canyon walls, to the intelligent design of the Creator displayed in the creatures that inhabit this magical place." (Taken from Grand Canyon - A Different View, Tom Vail, Master Books, 2003)


  • Essentials

    • Spotting the Colorado River winding along at the bottom of the Grand Canyon - it looks so small!
    • Hiking along the South Rim - taking in the spectacular views.
    • Praising God for His awesome power and creation.
    • The Pink Jeep Tour - Fun!
  • Get Prepared



    Grand Canyon: A Different View,  Tom Vail,  Master Books, 2003
    Actually practice being quiet and listening - the Grand Canyon can be a very quiet place.
  • Senses

    Trail Mix
    A lot of water!
  • In A Word:

    Grand Canyon - Powerful!

  • Surprises:

    In the summer of 2003, the ACLU was temporarily successful in having three historical plaques removed from the South Rim. The plaques quoted three verses from the Psalms. After much prayer, letter writing, and public pressure, the deputy director of the National Park Service ordered them put back.
    It is one mile from the South Rim to the bottom of the canyon!
    The Colorado River looks like a tiny stream when viewed from the rim - its average width at the Grand Canyon is 300 feet wide.
  • Cities/Destinations Included

    • Calico Ghost Town
    • Hoover Dam
    • South Rim Grand Canyon
    • Flagstaff
    • Sedona
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