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We love learning, and we love it, even more, when we help inspire others to want to learn more, too!

Ready to take the...

It is the desire of American Christian Tours that the influence of your Education Travel Programs impacts more than just a few days of your life.  It is our sincere prayer that you are inspired to draw closer to God, love those around you, appreciate our country, and be willing to be used by God 
for such a time as this.

We are often asked for recommendations of what to read, listen to, or watch to learn more...

Those requests motivated the following collection of resources. 

It is by no means exhaustive.  It is wonderful to be part of a time in history when so many resources are available.


But first, 
the ultimate resource
that outweighs all others…



Nothing takes the place of The Word. 


Being in the Word is crucial to any Christian's walk in this world.  


Our number one suggestion – read it through once a year!  One of our top picks for this goal is:

The Daily Walk Bible

(includes daily devotionals
for better understanding)

Check out some of the other Bible reading plan options and devotionals we have put together for you to pick from.

Now for the disclaimer…we believe it is important to be sure authors are accurate and truly worth reading. We are not espousing that the recommended authors and sites are fault-proof.  As discriminating followers of Christ, we all need to make sure the thoughts and views with which we align ourselves adhere strictly to God’s Word – the final Word on all matters.  

Read, listen, and view at your own discretion.

Student Travelers

Apps, books, and videos – oh my!  Check out a few suggestions to inspire you to continue your journey in following Jesus and growing in truth!


Does an educator’s search for inspiration and resources ever end?  Let us help!  We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite books, videos, and websites related to both history and biblical worldview.

Adult Travelers & Parents

Has your interest in history been piqued?  Are you wondering more about how a biblical worldview impacts life?  Are you challenged to live more intentionally for Jesus?  May this list of some of our favorite resources assist you in your journey!

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