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American Christian Tours invites you to explore our tour programs designed specifically with adult travelers and families in mind.  


ACTS has a number of options available for adult tour programs - including an option to customize for your own group and even schedule a day guide service in Washington, D.C.  Visit one of the four basic categories below for specific information.

But first, check out our inclusions and see what most ACTS travel programs have included.

Option For Adult Tours

Choose an Option for Adult Tours


Existing Open
Adult Tours

Join one of our tour programs, ranging from leisure-focused to worldview study.  These programs have been designed specifically for the adult traveler.


Create and Customize Group Tours

Are you a group leader and already have a group together and are ready to travel?  Let American Christian Tours do the work for you to get your package put together and your trip off the ground - worry free!


Family Tours

Take your family on a travel adventure.  Spend time enjoying each other's company and let ACTS worry about the logistics.   Visit America's treasured sites on programs tailored with families needs in mind.


Day Guide Service
Washington, D.C Only

You have a few days or maybe just a few hours in Washington, DC – where do you begin! There is so much to see in our nation’s capital city! Let us help you maximize your time in not only what you see but also in what you learn, including Christian history!


American Christian Tours takes safety and security seriously! Some of the steps we take, include:



Our Travel Program Leaders have undergone background checks and an extensive interview process and they are licensed and trained. They are with the group 24/7 during the program.

Coach Fleet_edited.jpg


American Christian Tours screens and regularly audits motorcoach companies to ensure they are in compliance with DOT regulations. We are committed to the practice of creating itineraries that support Driver Hours of Service laws, which are in place to support safer driving practices.

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Each program participant is provided with a trip badge that includes emergency contact information that connects to a dedicated on-call team any time of day or night.

Medical Specialists_edited.jpg


American Christian Tours has procedures in place in order to efficiently address medical incidents that happen while on the road, including having access to on-call medical personnel. Additional American Christian Tours staff is available 24-hours a day should additional support be needed.

Snowy Forest


Should weather or other events cause an unforeseen change in plans for the group, American Christian Tours will make alternate plans at no additional cost.

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American Christian Tours maintains strong vendor relationships and continually evaluates hotels, attractions, and restaurants to ensure high standards are maintained. 



American Christian Tours maintains strong vendor relationships and continually evaluates hotels, attractions, and restaurants to ensure high standards are maintained. 


American Christian Tours understands that travelers make an important decision when they decide to invest in the opportunity for a student to join an education travel program. It is imperative to know that your hard-earned money is protected and secure.

We are pleased to assure you of our solid financial protection!

It is standard for many tour companies to provide a trust account for client funds; this is usually required by state law. 

Most tour companies offer self-administered trust accounts. The account is administered by, and accessible to, the tour company itself. The risk is that if a company goes out of business, the customers (parents and students) lose money invested into the travel program.

American Christian Tours takes the requirement for a trust account a step further by protecting client funds through an FDIC insured bank trust account, which is administered by an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants (Anderson, Hager & Moe S.C.).    Other than the deposit amount, monies are held in trust by the firm,  they release major program expenses when due. Funds are held until several days after the completion of the program. This provides great peace of mind to all involved.


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