American Christian Tours has the privilege to work with hundreds of amazing educators from all over our country.  We see the love and sacrifice that you make for the enrichment of your students.  We desire to partner with you on this amazing journey of taking your students outside your classroom to the sites where so many important events occurred in the life of our nation and world.

Travel With A Purpose…

Partner with American Christian Tours!

As an Educator, you know that facilitating learning - making ‘stories’ come to life - is vital to the educational objectives you desire for your students.

As an education based tour company, we know that providing the opportunity to take your students ‘on location’ is an effective and powerful component of their education experience.

Together we form a partnership for success for your students by:

  • reaching educational learning objectives

  • developing collaborative learning skills

  • broadening horizons in a fast-paced world. 

  • all integrating a foundational biblical world view

As a Full-Service Company, we are confident that your experience with American Christian Tours will be both smooth and efficient.

Here is what you can expect when you partner with American Christian Tours:

  • Professional program planning with your personal Education Program Consultant

  • Educators E-Office and personal group website

  • In-house/online accounting

  • Professionally trained and licensed Education Program Leaders with your group 24/7

  • On-site staff and security

  • Student Travel Journals

  • Post program evaluation

  • And more!

Choose the Education Program that fits your educational learning objectives.

Click here to explore our popular Programs, or let us customize a Program for your school.

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Schedule a "Familiarization Tour" with American Christian Tours

We invite educators, like you, to see an education program in action on a Familiarization Tour.

Other student tour operators may offer educators the opportunity to go on a trip, but these trips often consist solely of other educators. While this type of tour might be fun, interesting, and informative, it lacks something that American Christian Tours feels is a very important part of the decision-making process -- the students.


We believe that seeing how real students connect and engage at different sites and locations is a great way to see first hand how an Education Program with American Christian Tours will impact the lives of your own students.

Click here to learn more about joining a Familiarization Program.


American Christian Tours takes safety and security seriously! Some of the steps we take, include:



American Christian Tours understands that educators and parents make an important decision when they decide to invest in the opportunity for a student to join an education travel program. It is imperative to know that your hard-earned money is protected and secure.

We are pleased to assure you of our solid financial protection!

It is standard for student tour companies to provide a trust account for client funds; this is usually required by state law. 

Most student tour companies offer self-administered trust accounts. The account is administered by, and accessible to, the tour company itself. The risk is that if a company goes out of business, the customers (parents and students) lose money invested into the travel program.

American Christian Tours takes the requirement for a trust account a step further by protecting client funds through an FDIC insured bank trust account, which is administered by an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants (Anderson, Hager & Moe S.C.).    Other than the deposit amount, monies are held in trust by the firm,  they release major program expenses when due. Funds are held until several days after the completion of the program. This provides great peace of mind to all involved.


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