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Here are some ways you can be prepared before your ACTS Education Tour Program begins.

Traveling in a group
Travel is always an adventure.  Usually the best laid plans have some changes.  You will be together with a large group of people for a number of days.  You will travel together, eat together, sleep together, and do life together.  Being positive, enthusiastic, flexible, and encouraging to one another will go a long way in helping you have a successful and fun time.  If you are matched with another school or schools, you will have a great opportunity to meet some new friends.

Hotel Rooms 
ACTS' Education Program Tour packages are provided with students staying in hotel rooms with four and sometimes five students.  The rooms will always consist of students of the same gender.   The rooms will have two double beds to be shared and, if five are in a room, will have a rollaway bed.  Sometimes a hotel room may be a suite and may include an additional sofa sleeper.   ACTS has requested that any pay movie channels be turned off.

Baggage handling is not covered on ACTS' Student Education Programs.  You will need to carry your own suitcase.  Keep it light.  Also remember that airlines have fees for baggage and additional fees for overweight baggage.  You will need to check your scheduled carrier for the specific fees.  Each participant is allowed one full-size suitcase and one carry-on that will fit in the overhead compartment or under your seat.  You will be transporting your luggage from the motorcoach to your room and back.  Make sure you are comfortable moving it.

Being on Time
ACTS' Education Programs are jam-packed from morning till night.  Many of the attractions and sites we visit have reservations and timed entries.  Although we allow some wiggle room in our itinerary, it is very important that everyone is on time.  If just a couple people are late it can cause the whole group to miss the next appointment.

ACTS' Education Programs plan for a full breakfast and a full dinner each complete day of the tour.  Lunches are usually not included in the package price, but time is set aside for lunch.  Breakfast will normally have some sort of meat, egg, fruits, cereal, bread, or rolls, and beverages.  Dinners are usually served buffet-style with many choices and options.  Lunches are usually at places that provide numerous choices and prices.

Most of ACTS' programs have a lot of walking involved.  Some of the places we visit do not allow motorcoaches to get close.  Just make sure to have comfortable shoes, preferably somewhat broken-in before the trip.

A nice thing about ACTS' Education Program packages is that everything is included except typically lunches and souvenir money.  For lunches you should bring about $10 per lunch.  Spending money is up to you.  There is always something to tempt you and numerous souvenir options.  Another thing to keep in mind is your luggage.  Most of ACTS' packages do not cover the baggage fees from the airlines.  This amount will vary depending on the carrier.  Check with your organizer (teacher) to determine if you will need to have baggage fee money along.

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