Thank you for allowing your child to participate in an Educational Tour Program with American Christian Tours.  We know that you have many competing interests when it comes to the education and well-being of your child.   ACTS' Education Programs will provide your child with the opportunity to learn in an amazing way - by bringing their classroom to the actual sites where incredible historical events occurred.  We believe that your child will return with a new love for our country, inspired to make changes in their own lives and their communities, and challenged to deepen their faith as they look at life through the lens of biblical worldview.


American Christian Tours® Educational Programs will provide your child with a visual basis that they can use in upcoming history, social studies, geography and civics courses. American Christian Tours enhances your child's classroom experience, enriching their current and future studies.  

American Christian Tours believe that travel in itself is a great educator. Using different modes of travel, staying in hotels, packing, having a budget, adjusting sleep schedules, perhaps trying different foods, seeing different regions and people of the country, and experiencing the wealth of sites all contribute to one incredible life experience. Many students will hold the trip as one of the top memories of their educational experience.

American Christian Tours  Program Leaders will lead your child's group through amazing locations in our nation's history. Your child will be able to walk under the U.S. Capitol dome,  stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, walk across the Pettus Bridge in Selma remembering the struggle for Civil Rights, follow the Freedom Trail through Boston, pan for gold in the American River, or explore the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

American Christian Tours will also provide your student with a Travel Journal to enhance learning and to help them keep track of the places they experience.  

American Christian Tours sees itself as an extension of your child's classroom. Our education programs will contribute to fulfilling the educational goals that you have set for your child.  American Christian Tours is accredited as a travel school through AdvancED.


American Christian Tours takes safety and security seriously! Some of the steps we take, include:




American Christian Tours understands that educators and parents make an important decision when they decide to invest in the opportunity for a student to join an education travel program. It is imperative to know that your hard-earned money is protected and secure.

We are pleased to assure you of our solid financial protection!

It is standard for student tour companies to provide a trust account for client funds; this is usually required by state law. 

Most student tour companies offer self-administered trust accounts. The account is administered by, and accessible to, the tour company itself. The risk is that if a company goes out of business, the customers (parents and students) lose money invested into the travel program.

American Christian Tours takes the requirement for a trust account a step further by protecting client funds through an FDIC insured bank trust account, which is administered by an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants (Anderson, Hager & Moe S.C.).    Other than the deposit amount, monies are held in trust by the firm,  they release major program expenses when due. Funds are held until several days after the completion of the program. This provides great peace of mind to all involved.


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