Our Vision

We believe that one person can make a difference.

We believe that together we can make a big difference.

We believe that inspiring people – young and old - is important.

We believe that the past gives insight into the future.

We are passionate about providing tour programs that make a difference.


Our Mission

  • American Christian Tours is a company that desires to honor God and proclaim Christ.

  • We believe that we were placed here for "such a time as this" to educate people of all ages to become world changers by teaching historical truths and imparting personal responsibility to contribute to the success of their communities, our nation, and the world.

  • In doing so, we will strive for:

    • excellence in the service we provide

    • expansion of those services

    • a supportive, creative, and caring work environment where team members are valued for the gifts and talents they contribute

  • We will maintain these goals through:

    • godly integrity

    • excellence

    • a commitment of trust and loyalty among ourselves and to those we represent and serve


Our History

In 1984 two people had a dream that they could do something big. They envisioned an education-centered tour company founded on godly principles that would teach biblical principles to faith-based schools and organizations during their travel programs. They believed that integrating history and faith on a tour would be life-changing. God blessed their dream – in incredible ways.

Today, literally thousands of people have been impacted for eternity by experiencing one of our tour programs.

We are humbled and honored that God has blessed our company with the privilege of sharing HIStory through travel programs for over thirty years. Our team has combined experience of over 250 years! (That just means that we have a GREAT team that has stayed around because they are passionate about why we do what we do!)

Our Future

Our goal is to continue to grow and expand on all levels. Though the truth never changes, the methods of delivery do. As we embrace change, we collaborate in finding innovative ways to connect the why and the what in engaging ways for all learning styles and ages.




We are a Christian company.


We keep our word and do the right thing.


We believe trust is foundational in a healthy company.


We strive to do every task with impeccable distinction and quality.


We desire that our attitudes reflect that we are grateful for our customers and our team.


We are a small company in a big industry; hard-work and excellence will set us apart.


We are a team – we strive to support and value our customers and our team as family.


We treat one another, our customers, and our vendors as we want to be treated.


We know that a healthy company must be continuously growing and improving.




American Christian Tours® is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI). NCA CASI is an accreditation division of Cognia. Cognia has access to over 100 years of expertise in accreditation and school improvement.

What is Cognia?

Cognia is the largest community of education professionals in the world. They are a non-profit, non-partisan organization that conducts rigorous, on-site external reviews of PreK-12 schools and school systems to ensure that all learners realize their full potential.

With expertise grounded in more than a hundred years of work in school accreditation, Cognia combines the knowledge and expertise of a research institute, the skills of a management consulting firm and the passion of a grassroots movement for educational change. Their goal isn’t to certify that schools are good enough. Rather, their commitment is to help schools improve.

They serve as a trusted partner to 32,000 schools and school systems-employing more than four million educators and enrolling more than 20 million students-across the United States and 70 other nations.

Why is American Christian Tours accreditated by Cognia?

Accreditation lays the groundwork for success for schools and students. Parents have long held education as a key to their child’s preparation and success in life. Equally, educators have known that a quality education is of the utmost importance for a child’s future. Quality and success are not mutually exclusive in the education process. Quality and student success go hand-in-hand and are why American Christian Tours (ACTS) sought accreditation as a travel school.

ACTS has met a set of standards developed by Cognia that offer education providers a framework for continuous improvement. We have agreed to regular self and outside reviews to ensure ongoing progress. We take pride in knowing our Education Programs and institutional integrity meet and exceed the standards, and are committed to ensuring that expectation into the future.

How does ACTS relationship with Cognia provide benefit to your school ?

Our Education Program Leaders are held to a high level of instruction and infuse every part of your travel program with specified Learning Objectives. Each student 8th grade and higher that completes an ACTS Education Program will receive a Certificate of Completion for their high school portfolio. As a partner to the education process of your school, Cognia Accreditation means that you can establish a plan of action for your students - that includes your ACTS Education Program - that can be awarded credit by your school. The amount of credit that you offer for a completed plan will be determined by your school based on the rigors of your established plan.

What are accreditation benefits for parents and students?

When a school or school system achieves accreditation, parents and the community can be assured that the top priorities are: •increasing student achievement •providing a safe and enriching learning environment •running an efficient operation Students are assured: •qualified instructors who are working to improve their methods •more focus on student learning •rigorous, diverse, and sound instruction based on quality standards •a range of student activities and support services Education institutions want parents to be actively involved in the improvement process. Parents need to: •stay informed •give feedback to the travel school through surveys, focus groups, and parent meetings



With the mission of enabling Christian educators and schools worldwide to effectively prepare students for life, ACSI (the Association of Christian Schools International) currently serves over 5,300 member schools in approximately 100 countries with an enrollment of nearly 1.2 million students.


SYTA is the non-profit, professional trade association that promotes student & youth travel and seeks to foster integrity and professionalism among student and youth travel service providers. SYTA is “The Voice of Student and Youth Travel.®”


The National Tour Association is a trade organization of thousands of tourism professionals involved in the growth and development of the packaged travel industry.


The Faith Travel Association is a worldwide community of tour operators, travel agents, destinations and travel suppliers serving the faith-based travel market.

Association of Christian Teachers and Schools

The vision and mission of ACTS is to continue to build an association and service that recognizes personal diversity with our fundamental unity, setting a new standard of Christ-centered academic excellence while assisting Christian schools to realize the highest level of educational credibility. ACTS is passionately committed to modeling, teaching, and leading with actions and decisions that are consistent with God’s Word.

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