Your student’s lives will be forever enriched and deeply impacted through the experience of our Education Programs.  Fundraising is a great way to provide this exciting opportunity.

Fundraisers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can pick one that fits the DNA of you, your students and your school. To make it easy, we’ve divided up over 20 of our best fundraising ideas into four different categories for you to peruse. We have also listed a number of fundraising websites that may be of big help to you in your fundraising efforts. 

American Christian Tours also invites you to visit our Pinterest board dedicated to fundraising - 
ACTS Pinterest Fundraising Board  for additional ideas.

Fundraising Made Easy Ideas


T-shirts, baked goods, cookie dough, coffee - whatever you love most, sell!

  • T-Shirts - Have a design contest amongst your students for a new school t-shirt. Sell them school-wide. Ask your administration team to choose a “casual day” as an incentive - a day when all who purchase a shirt can wear them to school with nice jeans.
  • Concessions - Have your students man a concession table at scheduled school events.
  • Breakfast items - Sell muffins, O.J., milk, bagels, etc. at school in the morning.
  • Coffee - Let your kids get creative and set up their own version of Starbucks to be sold before and after school and/or at lunch.
  • Baked Goods - Sell baked goods one day a week (“Fresh-Baked Fridays”). Rotate which students bring in the baked goods each week.
  • Cookie Dough - Sell frozen or shelf-stable cookie dough. For more information on this, follow the link: Cookie Dough Fundraiser.
  • Ice Cream Cones - Live in a warmer climate? Even if you don’t, who doesn’t love an occasional ice cream cone? Enlist your students to scoop and sell ice cream at lunch or after school. Or, consider hosting an ice cream social as a one-time event (if you’re extra ambitious, add in games, raffles or a talent show!).
  • Miscellaneous items - Cards, Candy, Pizza, Fruit, Wrapping Paper, Home Interior Candles, etc. Whatever you feel would be of most interest to your school families and/or surrounding community. The sky is the limit as to what you can sell!


Contests, carnivals, or school dinners - activities are a great way to raise money AND promote student bonding.

  • Slam Dunk Contest - Consider hosting a slam dunk contest for all ages. Set up a few hoops at different heights (kiddie hoop, 5-feet, 8-feet, and 10-feet) and the whole school can get involved as participants from each grade level (K-12) join the contest. Sell tickets to the event, and hand out prizes to the winner of each category.
  • Punt, Pass, and Kick Contest - Host a punt, pass and kick contest at your school, modeling it after the NFL competition rules. Consider opening it up to your local community to participate as well. Charge admission.
  • Carnival - Utilize your students to create and run carnival games one evening for elementary school kids and their families. Charge general admission or sell tickets for each game.
  • Haunted House - Enlist students to help envision and create a haunted house for students in the fall. Sell tickets to enter the haunted house.
  • Golf Tournament - Check out this website that shares 18 steps to produce a successful charity golf tournament.
  • Spaghetti, Chicken, Fish Fry, or ?? Dinner - Host a dinner at your school and put your students to work as the waiters and waitresses.


Running, walking, rocking in a rocking chair - add “a-thon” and you’ve got yourself a pledge fundraiser!

Anything with “a-thon” - Students seek out donors who will pledge to donate a certain amount of money per mile, kilometer, minute, hour, etcetera, that the student completes a task. Here are a few examples:
Walk-a-thon - Donors can pledge XX amount of money per lap walked around a track (in a designated amount of time) on Walk-a-thon day.
Bike-a-thon - Donors can pledge XX amount of money per mile biked (in a designated amount of time) on Bike-a-thon day.

Rock-a-thon (in rocking chairs) - Donors can pledge XX amount of money per hour rocked (up to twelve hours) on Rock-a-thon day. Students can form teams of 2-4 so that only one rocking chair is needed for every 2-4 students.Someone must be rocking at all times.
Jump-rope-a-thon (w/ jump ropes) - Donors can pledge XX amount of money per jump (in a designated amount of time) on Jump-rope-a-thon day.For example, if you allot 45 minutes for the Jump-rope-a-thon, donors may choose to pledge $0.01, $0.10, or $0.25 per jump.


Restaurant fundraisers, support letters, yard work and more…

  • Car wash - Hosted in your school parking lot, all it takes to pull off this fundraiser is water, soap, rags and some hard-working students. You may wish to provide refreshments for patrons as they wait, and be sure to place a donation bucket near the entrance or exit of your car-washing station.
  • Outdoor Work - Pre-arrange for students to shovel snow, rake leaves, mow lawns, etcetera.
  • Restaurant Sponsor - Choose a restaurant, or a business, to agree to donate a percentage of their business on a certain date(s), then encourage people to dine there on the chosen date(s).


Fundraising Websites*†

Believing that “travel changes young lives for good,” this foundation offers scholarships and financial aid to students who would otherwise be unable to participate in educational travel experiences.
This highly-organized website shows you popularity and potential profit margins for an extremely wide array of fundraising ideas and walks you step-by-step through the process (you can order items to sell directly from this site).
Both of these auction websites allow you to post and sell donated items on their site, meaning your items may be viewed (and purchased) by a larger audience than just your local community.
Similar to, this site offers a number of fundraising ideas, as well as tips for carrying them out.
Famous for offering “delicious food delivered right to your door,” Schwans will allow you to set up an easily manageable campaign page on their fundraising website.
*With the exception of Schwans, this list was first seen here in an article by the National Tour Association.
This listing does not constitute endorsement of these websites by American Christian Tours.

Support Letter

Education Program Support Request Letter

Send the letter in the link below to family and friends who might like to help support your upcoming Education Program with American Christian Tours.

Detail what you will be doing on your education program and how you expect it to impact your life. Ask them if they would be willing to support you in this endeavor. We have designed a letter for you that you may easily customize and personalize.

Step 1 - Customize the letter to be specific to your school’s program. We would recommend that you customize the information that has been highlighted in red to include the specific sites your school will visit.

Step 2 - Personalize it by putting your name in the blue text area. Other ideas: add a personal paragraph about why you want to be a part of the program, add a photo or two, and/or print your letter on special paper.

Step 3 - Include a stamped envelope with either your address or the address of American Christian Tours. They will need to make sure your personal account number is in the memo line of the check. Should you choose to have them mail payment directly to us, our address is: American Christian Tours - 201 East South Street - Rice Lake, WI 54868.

Step 4 - Thank your contributors. A thank-you note in response to their contribution before your trip even departs is a great idea. A thank-you with photos, stories, and something you learned from your trip is a must! You may even consider mailing a postcard while you are on your trip. Click on the image above
to link to the sample support letter.