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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about being an Organizer.

Who is the Organizer?

The Organizer is the person with whom we communicate about the program.

What does the Organizer do?

  • The Organizer works with us in deciding which program will be offered, the dates of the program, etc.
  • Organizers promote the trip using suggestions and tools provided by American Christian Tours.
  • While on location, the Organizer helps the Program Leader with making any decisions if and when they need to be made.

What support does the Organizer receive from American Christian Tours?

  • American Christian Tours manages the money. Our accounting department works directly with each family.
  • American Christian Tours and its sister company use a client trust account administered by an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants for the protection of your money. Other tour providers have trust accounts to be sure, but they are self-administered. In other words, the tour provider can access your money; American Christian Tours does not. All monies are held in a CPA administered trust fund, other than the deposit. Funds are only released for your program expenses when due. Any additional monies are released at the conclusion of your program. Your money is safely in the hands of the independent CPAs who pay the bills and only pay American Christian Tours after your trip is over.
  • During the program, our Program Leaders are with your group 24 hours a day from the time you arrive on location until you are on your way home. The EPL take cares of all arrangements, provides teaching throughout the program, and in general runs the trip.

Organizer Registration Costs

I am the group Organizer.  Is there a way to have my registration costs reduced?

Yes! With enough paying participants, your registration can be complimentary. You may also be able to offer complimentary registration to chaperones as well. Our Reservations Department can assist you with this planning. Generally speaking,

  • For programs that travel by air, one complimentary participant is earned for every ten (10) paid participants.
    • For east coast programs that travel by motorcoach, one complimentary participant is earned for every fifteen (15) paid participants.
    • For west coast programs that travel by motorcoach, one complimentary participant is earned for every twenty (20) paid participants.

Best Time To Book and Travel

When is the best time to "book" by Travel Program?

Most groups book their programs a year in advance. The earlier the program is booked, the more time there is to make monthly payments.

When is the best time of year to travel?

More and more groups are taking notice of the advantages of traveling during off-season times including January, February, and autumn. During these times there are shorter lines and fewer crowds. The spring is a very popular time for schools to travel with students.


How is the itinerary designed?

Our Itinerary Specialists will develop an itinerary that reflects the best opportunities for the cities you choose to visit and the length of the overall program.

Who Leads the Program?

Who leads American Christian Tours Travel Programs?

American Christian Tours has an exclusive staff of trained and licensed Program Leaders. They are selected based on their background, education, personality attributes, and experience with working and traveling with groups.

Are your Program Leaders screened?

Yes. All American Christian Tours Program Leaders go through background checks and are also licensed by the District of Columbia.


How many participants are needed in order to be considered a group?

The travel industry requires at least ten people to be considered a group. Yet there is a significant cost – benefit to having a larger group. An ideal group size is at least 35 people.

For smaller groups there are two options:

  • Consider joining one of our open tours (if available)
  • Consider “matching” with another small group (if available)

Is there a maximum number of participants allowed?

No—there is no upper limit! We have worked with groups of over 450 participants and very routinely work with groups of 200+ participants. These groups are divided into motorcoach "teams" and each team has its own American Christian Tours Program Leader.


What are some of the safety procedures used by American Christian Tours

American Christian Tours recognizes safety as our highest priority. The following are a few of the procedures we have in place:

  • American Christian Tours uses established and vetted motorcoach vendors, hotels, restaurants, and attractions.
  • We also follow all established federal guidelines outlined for motorcoach operators.
  • Each participant is provided with a program badge and lanyard to wear throughout the tour. This badge is preprinted with the American Christian Tours 24-hour toll-free emergency hotline number that participants or first responders can use to contact our office in cases of emergency.
  • Hotel orientation is given to review stairs location and evacuation procedures.


What type of transportation is used on American Christian Tours Travel Programs?

American Christian Tours uses newer model motorcoaches that meet all federal transportation guidelines. These deluxe motorcoaches are equipped with large windows, comfortable upholstered seating, a restroom, air conditioning, and a public address system. Most also include WIFI and electric outlets.

For groups using air transportation, our Travel Coordinator diligently shops for tickets that will take into account both the group’s budget and schedule.


What are the hotels like?

American Christian Tours uses several tiers of hotel properties. For groups choosing to stay in downtown locations, we use hotel brands such as Hyatt, Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn, etc.

For groups wishing to economize, we use nice suburban properties such as Hyatt Place, Holiday Inn Express, Country Inn and Suites, etc.

We choose properties that are in safe locations and are clean with up-to-date modeling.

How many participants are assigned to each hotel room?

Typically there are two adults in each room. Generally speaking, every room will have two large beds. Adult couples and single occupancy participants may have a single king-sized bed.


Tell me about the meals that will be included.

Breakfasts are typically provided by the hotel.

Because lunches are usually at the participants expense (not included in the price of the program), they take place in areas that offers various options (food court, cafeteria, town square).

Dinners are hot meals that may be served as a buffet or a plated meal. There are always a variety of choices, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

What if someone has a serious food allergy?

While American Christian Tours takes a number of steps to accommodate food requirements and dietary restrictions, it is impossible for us to guarantee specific food availability or uniquely-prepared foods for those with special dietary needs.

For those with serious food allergies or complex food requirements, we encourage bringing snacks and extra meal money to purchase specially-prepared foods.

The Organizer should be informed of any special dietary needs and, if necessary, share information with American Christian Tours.

American Christian Tours will not be able to provide a list of eating establishments prior to program departure.


Are those who are physically disabled able to join the program?

Yes, American Christian Tours follows all ADA guidelines. For example, if a participant requires a wheelchair lift on the motorcoach, we will arrange for that.

During the registration process, there is a place to indicate the need for a special service.


How are payments made?

Both registration and payments are completed online. Payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover cards or by PayPal. Checks and money orders are also accepted.
The Registration Fee is paid upon registration. The remaining program cost is divided into four approximately equal payments: one to be paid one hundred and fifty (150) days prior to trip departure, one to be paid one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to trip departure, on to be paid ninety (90) days prior to trip departure and at sixty (60) days prior to trip departure. Scheduled payments need to be made on time in order to avoid a late charge. Participants can make additional payments any time as long the scheduled payments are up-to-date.
Except for the Registration Fee, the payments are made payable directly to American Christian Tours' Client Trust Account, an FDIC-insured client trust account administered by an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants.
*In California, all payments, including the deposit, go directly to American Christian Tours Client Trust.

Medical Assistance

What if medical assistance is needed while we are on a American Christian Tours program?

In the event of an emergency, 911 is always be contacted. For non-emergency situations, we utilize other healthcare options, such as the following:

  • Inn-House Doctor:

    • We partner with Inn-House Doctor, a company that provides top-level medical care in the comfort and convenience of the home, workplace, or hotel room on a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week basis.

    • This service is utilized via an on-call number. A physician returns the call within 15 minutes to provide the necessary pre-assessment and service plan. A licensed physician from one of the finest local hospitals then provides high-level, on-site care, as needed, in the comfort of your own hotel room.

    • Charges vary based on services performed; there is a minimum charge of $400. Inn-House Doctor only accepts credit card payment. They do provide the paperwork needed to submit to insurance companies.

    • It is good to know that Inn-House Doctor will address any follow-up questions from primary physicians in order to maintain continuity of care for any patient who they see.

    • This service is available in the Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Boston areas.

  • Minute Clinics: There are a number of CVS drugstores in Washington, DC, Virginia, and New Jersey that include Minute Clinics.

Late Add Ons

Can individuals register after the deadline?

When Registration Fee and payment dates have passed, an individual will be considered a late registrant. While we will do everything we can to secure space on the program, please keep the following in mind:

  • If airline seats have already been ticketed/released, we may not be able to secure an additional airline ticket with the group, or the ticket price may be higher (possibly considerably higher) than what was secured for the group. Consequently, there may be an additional fee for the airline ticket, and it is possible that late registrants will not fly with the group.
  • Tickets for some venues may no longer be available (e.g. Broadway, museums, etc.). At high volume times of the year especially, tickets sell out months prior. If we cannot secure a ticket for an event with the group, we will do our best to accommodate an alternative, but it may not be possible.
  • If hotel space has been released, it is likely that additional rooms will not be available. As the Organizer, you will have to decide regarding the possibility of housing late registrants in the existing group space.

Cancellation Policy

What is American Christian Tours' cancellation policy?

  • American Christian Tours has one of the most lenient cancellation policies in the industry!
  • As each participant registers for the trip, they pay a Registration Fee equal to ten percent of the student quad occupancy price. For programs including Broadway shows, the amount of the Broadway Ticket will be added to the Registration Fee. This Registration Fee is considered earned by American Christian Tours® upon receipt; the Registration Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason under any circumstance. Participants cancelling more than eighty (80) days prior to trip departure will be charged the amount of the Registration Fee. • Cancellations within eighty (80) Days prior to departure will be charged 20% of total Program cost
    • Cancellations within sixty (60) Days prior to departure will be charged 35% of total Program cost
    • Cancellations within forty (40) Days prior to departure will be charged 50% of total Program cost
    • Cancellations within thirty (30) Days prior to departure will be charged 75% of total Program cost
    • Cancellations within twenty (20) Days prior to departure will be charged 100% of total Program cost

Does American Christian Tours provide trip cancellation coverage?

American Christian Tours has partnered with an insurance carrier that provides a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) Policy. Participants can purchase trip insurance at the time of registration. More information is available at time of registration.

Travel Protection Insurance

Do you offer Travel Protection Insurance?

Our team has done extensive research to facilitate a partnership with a travel insurance company that excels at providing an excellent student-group-friendly product at a truly affordable cost. This company offers a benefit option of Cancel For Any Reason that you may want to consider to provide confidence as you move forward with your Program. Travel protection packages from Travel Insurance International may offer benefits for:

  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Travel Delay
  • Missed Connection
  • Baggage Loss/Delay
  • Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation
  • Accident & Sickness Medical Expense
  • Cancel For Any Reason
Click here to view the Travel Insured International Group Plan Overview with pricing and coverage information. Feel free to reach out to our Reservations Team today or call 715-234-6500 should you have any questions.

TSA Information

Do you have information from the TSA on what I can bring with on my trip and where it needs to be packed?

The Transportation Security Administration has a website that tells you about all the different things you can an may not bring on your tour and how it needs to be packed.