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Why American Christian Tours?

American Christian Tours has earned the confidence of tens of thousands of travelers since we began operations in 1984.

We are committed excellence in each aspect of our organization. While every single detail is important, the safety needs of our travelers guides each decision. Safety and security are our number one priority.

Here are the reasons thousands of schools and organizations choose American Christian Tours:

Experience -
Founded in 1984, American Christian Tours has safely and successfully taken thousands of schools and organizations on travel programs throughout the United States and Canada.

Excellent Personalized Service -
We are independently owned and operated rather than being a part of a large conglomerate. This allows us to know you by name. You are someone we want to know as a friend. Our team will be with you every step of the way, from your own personal Education Program Consultant to our Reservations Team.

Education and Travel Program Leaders -
Education and Travel Program Leaders A professional Program Leader is with your group 24/7. Our Program Leaders are employees of ACTS and are required to clear stringent background screening, obtain licensure, and attend mandatory annual training. This training includes ACTS Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management Training.

Program Planning  -
ACTS meticulously researches each vendor, restaurant and hotel. We follow a strict set of guidelines when choosing sites providing our participants with a high level of service and safety. We select hotels that meet our standards of quality and value. Motorcoach companies are required to meet federal standards with impeccable safety ratings and provide highly-trained drivers, along with safe and reliable equipment. Itineraries are planned to follow all government guidelines with regards to motorcoach hours and procedures. Vendor audits are performed regularly.

Solid Financial Protection –
American Christian Tours is serious about the security of your investment. As far as we know, American Christian Tours and its sister company are the only student education tour program operators to provide the unmatched financial protection of an FDIC insured bank trust account administered by an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants (CPA's) for our client funds. Most student tour operator’s offer self-administered trust accounts. The account is administered by, and accessible to, the tour operator itself. Monies sent to American Christian Tours are held in an FDIC insured trust account administered by Anderson, Hager & Moe S.C., CPAs, an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants. Anderson, Hager & Moe pay major trip expenses as they are due directly to the service provider.   American Christian Tours is only paid what is left in the account five business days after the scheduled completion of your education program. The incredible peace of mind this provides is an exclusive benefit of American Christian Tours.

​​Program Orientation Protocol

At the beginning of every tour program, your ACTS Program Leader will provide a comprehensive orientation that includes important safety announcements.  Program participants are provided with identification badges which include information to connect with American Christian Tours staff 24/7 in the event they would inadvertently become separated from the group. 

ACTS On-Call Around the Clock

A member of our management team is on duty 24/7. Each program participant is provided with an ACTS badge and lanyard that lists our toll-free number allowing participants access our ACTS support personnel 24 hours a day.


Medical Services

In case of emergency 911 will be called.  In non-emergency situations there are local hospitals, Urgent Care and Minute Clinics.  Program Leader is also provided with emergency contact information to local hospitals and clinics.



Contingency Plan

Should weather or other events cause an unseen change of plans for your group, American Christian Tours will make alternate plans at no additional charge.


Association Partnerships

We are members in good-standing with the following associations to ensure best practice in both safety and security:

We follow a detailed emergency response plan developed in partnership with NTA (National Travel Association) and SYTA (Student Youth Travel Association

General Liability - 

ACTS maintains comprehensive coverage to ensure your group is protected. This coverage extends to the organizer acting on behalf of your group and to the group as an insured party.

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