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Travel Safely

We are excited to welcome you back to exciting programs with American Christian Tours.  Our entire team is committed to your safety and wellbeing.  Please view this message from Sabrina Carlson, President of American Christian Tours. 


ACTS "Know Before You Go" Infographic

The Infographic below can be downloaded as a PDF with embedded links here should you wish to share it

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ACTS "Travel Safely FAQ's" Infographic

The below can be downloaded as a PDF with embedded links here should you wish to share it

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Information from the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration)

The TSA details proactive and protective measures that they have implemented at security checkpoints to make the screening process safer for passengers and their workforce.

Visit the TSA Website

Watch the TSA video:


View the printable TSA Infographic
“What to Know Before You Go.”:

Travel Industry Responses

Different members of the travel industry that American Christian Tours utilizes, from airlines to hotels, are providing insight to the new policies and procedures they are implementing to increase the level of cleanliness for travelers.  Please take a minute to view the following responses.

Airline Responses

Travel Confidently
with Boeing

As air travel resumes and restrictions ease around the globe, your health and safety are Boeing's top priority. Boeing continues working across the industry to enhance health safeguards and develop new solutions.  Read Plan Here

How Air Filtration Works on Planes 
from  Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

United Airlines

Southwest Airlines

American Airlines

Hotel Responses

Marriott Hotels

IHG - Holiday Inn


Hilton Hotels

  • What sets American Christian Tours apart?
    American Christian Tours has earned the confidence of tens of thousands of travelers since we began operations in 1984. We are committed to excellence in each aspect of our organization. While every single detail is important, the safety needs of our travelers guides each decision. Safety and security are our number one priority. Visit "Why Choose ACTS" for the reasons thousands of schools and organizations choose American Christian Tours.
  • Where do ACTS tours go?
    American Christian Tours offers a wide variety of exciting programs to connect travelers of all different ages with the rich history of America - all designed with a Christian worldview in mind. ​ Our programs include sites and cities along the historic east coast, to state history programs in places like Florida, Illinois, Texas, and California. We also have programs to beautiful destinations like Arizona and the Grand Canyon, or Yosemite National Park. Perhaps you would like to visit the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, or take in a live amazing Christian-based performance at Sight and Sound Theaters. The choices are many. Visit our datbase of collections, keeping in mind that we customize trips based on your needs. Visit the collections
  • What resources does ACTS supply?
    We love learning, and we love it, even more, when we help inspire others to want to learn more, too! We are often asked for recommendations of what to read, listen to, or watch to learn more... ​ Those requests motivated the following collection of resources. It is by no means exhaustive. It is wonderful to be part of a time in history when so many resources are available. It is the desire of American Christian Tours that the influence of your Education Travel Programs impacts more than just a few days of your life. It is our sincere prayer that you are inspired to draw closer to God, love those around you, appreciate our country, and be willing to be used by God for such a time as this. Visit NEXT STEPS for our list of resources.
  • When is the best time to “book” my Education Program?
    Most groups book their programs a year in advance. The earlier the program is booked, the more time families have to make monthly payments.
  • When is the best time to "book" by Travel Program?"
    Most groups book their programs a year in advance. The earlier the program is booked, the more time there is to make monthly payments.
  • When is the best time of year to travel?
    The majority of schools schedule their programs during regular school time. April and May are the most popular months, along with the time around spring break, which changes year-to-year. More schools at taking notice of the advantages of traveling during off-season times including January, February, and autumn. During these times there are shorter lines and fewer crowds. About ten percent of schools travel during summer break.
  • I am the group Organizer.  Is there a way to have my registration costs reduced?
    Yes! With enough paying participants, your registration can be complimentary. You may also be able to offer complimentary registration to chaperones as well. Our Reservations Department can assist you with this planning. Generally speaking, For east coast programs that travel by motorcoach, one complimentary participant is earned for every fifteen (15) paid participants. For west coast programs that travel by motorcoach, one complimentary participant is earned for every twenty (20) paid participants. For programs that travel by air, one complimentary participant is earned for every ten (10) paid participants.
  • How is the itinerary designed?
    Our Itinerary Specialists will develop an itinerary that reflects the best learning opportunities for the cities you choose to visit and the length of the overall program. They also take into consideration attractions and sites that will enhance learning objectives you may have for your group.
  • What type of transportation is used on American Christian Tours Travel Programs?
    American Christian Tours uses newer model motorcoaches that meet all federal transportation guidelines. These deluxe motorcoaches are equipped with large windows, comfortable upholstered seating, a restroom, air conditioning, and a public address system. Most also include WIFI and electric outlets. For groups using air transportation, our Travel Coordinator diligently shops for tickets that will take into account both the group’s budget and schedule.
  • What are the hotels like?
    American Christian Tours uses several tiers of hotel properties. For groups choosing to stay in downtown locations, we use hotels such as Hyatt, Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn, etc. For groups wishing to economize, we use nice suburban properties such as Hyatt Place, Holiday Inn Express, Country Inn and Suites, etc. We choose properties that are in safe locations and are clean with up-to-date modeling.
  • Can my students select their roommates?
    As the group Organizer you develop the rooming list. Some organizers make up the rooming list without any input. Others open it up to requests. Participants should contact you as the group Organizer as soon as possible with any roommate requests.
  • How many students are housed in each room?
    Typically, there are four students in a room. There are rare occasions when, due to an odd number of students on the program, there may be three or five (roll-away bed) in a room. Students may also room with their parent. American Christian Tours policy does not allow for only two students in a room.
  • Tell me about the meals that will be included.
    Breakfasts are typically provided by the hotel. Because lunches are usually at the participants expense (not included in the price of the program), they take place in areas that offers various options (food court, cafeteria, town square). Dinners are hot meals that may be served as a buffet or a plated meal. There are always a variety of choices, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.
  • What if someone in my group has a serious food allergy?
    While American Christian Tours takes a number of steps to accommodate food requirements and dietary restrictions, it is impossible for us to guarantee specific food availability or uniquely-prepared foods for those with special dietary needs. For those children who have serious food allergies or complex food requirements, we encourage parents to include snacks and extra meal money to purchase specially-prepared foods. An adult participant will be expected to be able to accommodate for their own special dietary food requirements while on the program. The Organizer should be informed of any special dietary needs and, if necessary, share information with American Christian Tours. American Christian Tours will not be able to provide a list of eating establishments prior to program departure.
  • Who leads American Christian Tours Education Programs?
    American Christian Tours has an exclusive staff of trained and licensed Education Program Leaders (EPL). They are selected based on their background, education, personality attributes, and experience with young people.
  • Are your Education Program Leaders screened?
    Yes. All American Christian Tours Education Program Leaders go through background checks and are also licensed by the District of Columbia.
  • Does American Christian Tours provide any pre-program education materials?
    Absolutely. An American Christian Tours Explorer App is available for participants to use while on tour. A mobile phone is required.
  • What about chaperones?
    Many attractions and sites require students to be accompanied by a chaperone. A general guideline is to plan to have at least one adult chaperone for every ten students. Our Education Programs are set up to have one complimentary participant for every Ten (10) paid participants, if traveling by air Fifteen (15) paid participants, if traveling by motorcoach to the East Coast Twenty (20) paid participants, if traveling by motorcoach to the West Coast Organizers often offer these complimentary spots to chaperones.
  • How many participants are needed in order to be considered a group?
    American Christian Tours requires 20 participants to be considered a stand-alone group. For smaller groups there are a couple of options: Consider joining one of our open tours (if available) Consider “matching” with another small group (if available)
  • Is there a maximum number of participants allowed?
    No—there is no upper limit! We have worked with groups of over 450 participants and very routinely work with groups of 200+ participants. These groups are divided into motorcoach "teams" and each team has its own American Christian Tours Program Leader.
  • Who can we invite to join our education program?
    That's up to you. Many schools focus on one particular grade, while others offer the program to the entire school. Some invite parents and other family or community members, while others limit the program to only students and teachers.
  • Is it a good idea to mix grade levels?
    It is not unusual for schools to combine two grades. There are unique challenges with a greater grade span, yet it certainly can be done.
  • Is the program chaperoned?
    Yes, American Christian Tours Education Programs are designed to include one chaperone for every ten participants. We assist the group Organizer in planning for the inclusion of chaperones.
  • Can individuals register after the deadline?
    Participants should be strongly encouraged to follow the scheduled dates for your Education Program registration and payments. When Registration Fee and payment dates have passed, an individual will be considered a late registrant and will be required to register as a ‘Waitlisted’ participant. While we will attempt to secure space on the program it may not be possible. Please keep the following in mind for ‘waitlisted’ participants: If airline seats have already been ticketed/released, we likely will not be able to secure an additional airline ticket with the group, or the ticket price may be higher (possibly considerably higher) than what was secured for the group. Consequently, there would be an additional fee for the airline ticket, and more than likely, late registrants will not be able to fly with the group. Note: We do not allow a minor participant to fly unaccompanied, therefore, a single student must fly with the group. Tickets for some venues may no longer be available (e.g. Broadway, museums, etc.). Tickets often sell out months prior, particularly during high-volume times of the year. If we cannot secure a ticket for an event with the group, the late registrant would not be able to attend the event/activity. If hotel space has been released, it is likely that additional rooms will not be available. Our Reservations Team will work with you as the Organizer to determine the possibility of housing late registrants within the existing group space.
  • Does American Christian Tours provide trip cancellation coverage?
    American Christian Tours has partnered with an insurance carrier that provides a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) Policy. Participants can purchase trip insurance at the time of registration. More information is available at time of registration.
  • Do you offer Travel Protection Insurance?
    Our team has done extensive research to facilitate a partnership with a travel insurance company that excels at providing an excellent student-group-friendly product at a truly affordable cost. This company offers a benefit option of Cancel For Any Reason that you may want to consider to provide confidence as you move forward with your Program. Travel protection packages from Travel Insurance International may offer benefits for: Trip Cancellation Trip Interruption Travel Delay Missed Connection Baggage Loss/Delay Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation Accident & Sickness Medical Expense Cancel For Any Reason Click here to view the Travel Insured International Group Plan Overview with pricing and coverage information. Feel free to reach out to our Reservations Team today or call 715-234-6500 should you have any questions.
  • I have a student who is physically disabled, are they able to join the program?"
    Yes, American Christian Tours follows all ADA guidelines. For example, if a student requires a wheelchair lift on the motorcoach, we will arrange for that. During the registration process, there is a place to indicate the need for a special service.
  • What if medical assistance is needed while we are on a American Christian Tours program?
    In the event of an emergency, 911 is always be contacted. For non-emergency situations, we utilize other healthcare options, such as Urgent Care or Minute Clinics. There are a number of CVS drugstores in Washington, DC, Virginia, and New Jersey that include Minute Clinics.
  • ACSI
    With the mission of enabling Christian educators and schools worldwide to effectively prepare students for life, ACSI (the Association of Christian Schools International) currently serves over 5,300 member schools in approximately 100 countries with an enrollment of nearly 1.2 million students.
  • SYTA
    SYTA is the non-profit, professional trade association that promotes student & youth travel and seeks to foster integrity and professionalism among student and youth travel service providers. SYTA is “The Voice of Student and Youth Travel.®”
  • NTA
    The National Tour Association is a trade organization of thousands of tourism professionals involved in the growth and development of the packaged travel industry.
  • Association of Christian Teachers and Schools
    The vision and mission of ACTS is to continue to build an association and service that recognizes personal diversity with our fundamental unity, setting a new standard of Christ-centered academic excellence while assisting Christian schools to realize the highest level of educational credibility. ACTS is passionately committed to modeling, teaching, and leading with actions and decisions that are consistent with God’s Word.
  • Cognia
    American Christian Tours® is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI). NCA CASI is an accreditation division of Cognia. Cognia has access to over 100 years of expertise in accreditation and school improvement.
  • Why is American Christian Tours accreditated by Cognia?
    Accreditation lays the groundwork for success for schools and students. Parents have long held education as a key to their child’s preparation and success in life. Equally, educators have known that a quality education is of the utmost importance for a child’s future. Quality and success are not mutually exclusive in the education process. Quality and student success go hand-in-hand and are why American Christian Tours (ACTS) sought accreditation as a travel school. ACTS has met a set of standards developed by Cognia that offer education providers a framework for continuous improvement. We have agreed to regular self and outside reviews to ensure ongoing progress. We take pride in knowing our Education Programs and institutional integrity meet and exceed the standards, and are committed to ensuring that expectation into the future.
    California Seller of Travel Registration Number: 200989-40 Washington Seller of Travel Registration Number: 601 688 749 Iowa Seller of Travel Registration Number: 541 Florida Seller of Travel - exempt
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