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Although ACTS wants you to have a fun and educational tour program experience, our main desire is to see that you have a safe trip and return home without incident.  Since 1984, we have been blessed to have run thousands of tours with a strong safety record.  Your parents have put a lot of trust in us to take good care of you.  Sometimes we might even seem stricter than your parents would be.  But that's O.K. because we want you to get back to them uneventfully.  In order to provide for your security on our programs, American Christian Tours has put in place several policies and procedures:

Program Orientation
At the beginning of the program, your ACTS Education Program Leader (EPL) will provide your group with an orientation that includes a number of important safety announcements.  One of our main themes is that students are never to be alone.  You always need to be with your group.  Violation of this is one of the things that we potentially will send a student home for - we take it seriously.

Education Program Leaders (EPLs)
Our EPLs have been trained to always be aware of their surroundings as they lead your group.  They will use crosswalks and direct you to the right on sidewalks and stairways.  They will not allow you to do things like creative aerial jumps off of marble steps at a memorial - first, because it is dangerous, second, because it is disrespectful.  Your safety is their main concern.

ACTS Badges
Each program participant is provided with an ACTS badge and lanyard that must be worn throughout the entire tour.  It provides each person with our toll-free number and allows a participant to access our ACTS office 24 hours a day.  

Each ACTS program provides a number of chaperones for your group.  The exact number varies with each program but it provides a responsible adult that you will be assigned to in a group.

Vendors and Hotels
ACTS takes time to research each vendor, restaurant and hotel.  There are a set of guidelines we go through when choosing places to include on our tour program that provide our participants with a high level of quality and safety.  We also choose motorcoaches that provide trained drivers, safe and comfortable equipment, and we follow all government guidelines with regards to motorcoach hours and procedures.

Hall Security
We hire bonded and licensed security monitors to ensure the security of our program participants at night in the hotels.  They monitor the hallways making sure that you have a good night of rest from evening until dawn the next day.

Doctors on Call
ACTS has worked to provide doctors on call that can come to our hotels, if necessary to provide medical care.  This service is available at the major cities that we visit.  Your EPL is also provided with emergency contact information to hospitals, clinics, etc.

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