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NEXT STEPS - Be In The Word

There are many ways to read God's Word.  Some people start in Genesis and make their way through.  Others pick a specific book and read through that.  Some people wake up early and read, others find that reading at night works best for them.  The importance is that you are daily spending time in the Bible finding nourishment and refreshment for your spirit.

We have put together some different options that will hopefully help you get started on a habit of being in God's Word every day.


This is a very robust site with Bible study tools, tips, videos, an app, and many other resources.

As Keith says, "God wants you to enjoy and apply the Bible...not just believe it."


Standing Strong Ministries

The Mission: Reinforcing Christians to stand strong no matter the cost.   This site features podcasts, videos, and articles to encourage you to stand strong.

Consider taking the "I Will Stand Strong - 30 Day Challenge" - A devotion plan guaranteed to strengthen your faith and inspire your life to live boldly.

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