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American Christian Tours is pleased to have been a proud partner with ACSI for two decades.  We are excited to see many of you this year at the numerous ACSI events.  ACTS has always been committed to supporting Christian education and providing education travel services to Christian schools all across the United States.

"Our Education Program Leader really spoke to the students from his heart and the students responded well to him. It is so important for our students to hear how Christ has changed people's lives." 


—  Terri B., Educator

What We Provide

Since 1984, American Christian Tours has provided quality inclusive education tour program packages, from a Christian perspective, for students of all ages from elementary through college.  Our programs highlight the historic cities and locations throughout the United States.

Travel with Intention

Our Vision

We believe that one person can make a difference.

We believe that together we can make a big difference.

We believe that inspiring people – young and old - is important.

We believe that the past gives insight into the future.

We are passionate about providing tour programs that make a difference.



Our Mission

  • American Christian Tours is a company that desires to honor God and proclaim Christ.

  • We believe that we were placed here for "such a time as this" to educate people of all ages to become world changers by teaching historical truths and imparting personal responsibility to contribute to the success of their communities, our nation, and the world.

  • In doing so, we will strive for:

    • excellence in the service we provide

    • expansion of those services

    • a supportive, creative, and caring work environment where team members are valued for the gifts and talents they contribute

  • We will maintain these goals through:

    • godly integrity

    • excellence

    • a commitment of trust and loyalty among ourselves and to those we represent and serve


What teachers say about ACTS

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Getting a Quote on a Program?

It's easy to request a quote on our educational tour programs.  Simply click on the link below and answer a few questions.  Our team of professionals will have a quote to you in short time.




phone:  715-234-6500  |  800-222-2001



What sets American Christian Tours apart?

American Christian Tours has earned the confidence of tens of thousands of travelers since we began operations in 1984.
We are committed to excellence in each aspect of our organization. While every single detail is important, the safety needs of our travelers guides each decision. Safety and security are our number one priority.
Visit "Why Choose ACTS" for the reasons thousands of schools and organizations choose American Christian Tours.

Where do ACTS tours go?

American Christian Tours offers a wide variety of exciting programs to connect travelers of all different ages with the rich history of America - all designed with a Christian worldview in mind. Our programs include sites and cities along the historic east coast, to state history programs in places like Florida, Illinois, Texas, and California. We also have programs to beautiful destinations like Arizona and the Grand Canyon, or Yosemite National Park. Perhaps you would like to visit the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, or take in a live amazing Christian-based performance at Sight and Sound Theaters. The choices are many. Visit our datbase of collections, keeping in mind that we customize trips based on your needs. Visit the collections

What resources does ACTS supply?

We love learning, and we love it, even more, when we help inspire others to want to learn more, too! We are often asked for recommendations of what to read, listen to, or watch to learn more... Those requests motivated the following collection of resources. It is by no means exhaustive. It is wonderful to be part of a time in history when so many resources are available. It is the desire of American Christian Tours that the influence of your Education Travel Programs impacts more than just a few days of your life. It is our sincere prayer that you are inspired to draw closer to God, love those around you, appreciate our country, and be willing to be used by God for such a time as this. Visit NEXT STEPS for our list of resources.

What is ACTS doing to travel safely?

American Christian Tours is concerned about the safety of our travelers. We are also glad to see that America is beginning to reopen. We are thankful to be able to offer our tour programs and also work to protect the health and safety of our participants. Please visit our Travel Safely page to learn about the different ways ACTS is working to provide safe programs.

ACTS 2022 Program Catalog

Take a few minutes to flip through our 2022 ACTS Education Tour Program catalog.