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ACTS® invites you to create a group Family Tour.

Take your family or include other families you know and join in a relaxing time of travel and Christian fellowship.  ACTS family tours are designed to provide your family group with affordable housing options, family-friendly meal options, activities, free-time and more.

Leave the planning, driving, and paperwork to us.  Come; relax, learn and have fun with your family group.

ACTS Family Tour Program Packages

As a Full-Service Company, we are confident that your experience with American Christian Tours will be both smooth and efficient.


Here is what you can expect when you partner with American Christian Tours:


  • Professional program planning with your personal Education Program Consultant

  • Organizer's E-Office and personal group website

  • In-house/online accounting

  • Professionally trained and licensed Education Program Leaders with your group 24/7

  • On-site staff and security

  • ACTS Explorer - an exclusive online learning tool

  • Post program evaluation

  • And more!


Choose the Education Program that fits your objectives.


Let us customize a Program for your group.

We require a minimum group size of twenty (20) passengers.

Request Information today!

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