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Sewing - Vocational training

Sewing - Vocational training

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Art Class

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Destiny Rescue 3000





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What Can One Person Do?

So many times on our Education Programs we get the question, what can one person do?  There are things that need to change, things that must be stopped, but how can one person make a difference?

Introducing Destiny Rescue:

There are many great organizations doing incredible work to end human trafficking.  American Christian Tours is pleased to introduce a faith-based organization that focuses on rescuing children from this horrible atrocity:  Destiny Rescue and their Rescue Op 1 $20 mission – a fund-raising opportunity created for students to make a difference in the lives of children trapped in human trafficking. 


Founded in 2001 in Thailand, Destiny Rescue's work has grown into a worldwide organization dedicated to rescuing children from sexual exploitation and trafficking and helping them stay free. They serve to help amplify the voices of both those who are enslaved and have been freed from abuse.


We encourage you, as an adult, to visit Destiny Rescue’s webpage to learn more about their incredible ministry rescuing kids from trafficking.  Their work changes lives.  (Some of the video content created for an adult audience is disturbing.) 


If you believe this is a ministry that you would like to encourage your student(s) to learn more about, there is a special student-friendly website,

What is Rescue Op 1/20?

Rescue Op 1 $20 has created a simple and easy way students can make a difference.  Joining together, a lot of students can make a big difference.


By visiting their site, you will discover an option to give one $20 gift, or start a movement at your school! 


(Note: ACTS does not benefit in any way through this introduction.  The lives of every rescued child benefit immeasurably.)  


  • There are millions of kids trapped in trafficking across the world.  Over 16 football stadiums could be filled to full capacity with kids who are sold and abused with no way out.

  • When we go to bed at night and sleep - millions of kids are being abused. 

  • When we come together as a generation, kids who are living in the nightmare of human trafficking can be rescued. 

  • Destiny Rescue works in countries across the world to rescue kids out of trafficking. 

  • Destiny Rescue’s Reintegration team cares for each child’s individual needs and creates a path to help them stay free.

  • Destiny Rescue’s Rescue Op 1:20 provides an opportunity to empower students to join in ending the slavery of children in trafficking today.

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    Director of Student Engagement, Destiny Rescue

" If every student in the U.S.

gave one twenty-dollar bill toward rescue, nearly one million

children could be rescued.

That's changing the world."

How does it work?:

Join the movement at -

  • Donate $20 to RescueOp1/20

  • Want to do more? 
    You can be an Op Leader
    and start your own fundraising campaign.


  • You can challenge your school or youth group to get involved and raise funds collectively and compete for a national champion award.

  • Use #RescueOp120

we can end this.
Let's rescue kids like us.

Your Rescue Impact Formula:

Number of
your friends




per person


per rescue


of kids 

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