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Lisa Strong
Sep 02, 2021
In General Discussions
Hello All! I was wondering if as a group we could start a dialogue of everyone's thoughts and ideas on how to incorporate and relate the recent tragic events in Afghanistan to our tour locations, stories, devotions, etc. Can we include in this discussion parallels we see in history, principles that were violated, etc. I would love to hear your ideas as I prep for a trip in Oct. I was also wondering if Admin could give us their recommendations on how to handle this with our groups, especially groups that may be new to the company or for us as leaders and with whom we do not have familiarity or a relationship already established. I would love to hear the thoughts of Marshall Foster if he might be willing to add to the discussion. This might also be a great outlet and opportunity for us all to process it together. I am sure I am not alone when I say I am devastated by it, by the culmination of this administration's ineptitude and utter disregard for the innocent lives and sacrifices of others; not to mention the current leadership's apparent satisfaction with the so called "success" in doing "...what no other nation in history has done." (Biden) When I see what has unfolded and I realize we still have three years left of his term, all I can say is, God help us.
Lisa Strong
Aug 10, 2021
In EPL Resources Thread
Hello all! Where can I find the walking tour of Philadelphia map and talking points? I looked in the curriculum section and then in the manuals section as well as the addendum section. In addition to the map location, any help/hints that you could offer for that walking tour would be greatly welcomed. :)

Lisa Strong

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