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Frequently Asked Questions of Students:
Below are some of the common questions that students bring up when looking at all the exciting opportunities for their tour. While not every question is asked or answered, we encourage you to take a minute to browse through our FAQ's.  If there is a question you don't see here - please contact us and let us know. 

We have broken them up into categories, so they are a little easier to find.

Categories of FAQ's:
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What type of transportation is provided on American Christian Tours' programs?

While on tour with American Christian Tours, you and your friends will travel in style in a modern motorcoach.  This is not a yellow schoolbus!  Your seats will be cushioned and upholstered.  They usually recline, have headrests, and footrests too!  There are large windows for great viewing.  Each motorcoach is air conditioned and restroom equipped.  Motorcoaches usually have video monitors, and if time permits, you will be able to watch movies while traveling (at your organizer's discretion).  Our friendly motorcoach drivers will drop us off as close as possible to where we need to go.  Sometimes we may walk a couple of blocks because it just makes better sense.

What type of hotels does American Christian Tours use?

American Christian Tours has several levels of hotel properties that we utilize.  We use high-quality brand hotels in  downtown locations in Washington, D.C.  Common brands we use would include Hyatt, Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn, etc.  Sometimes if your group is hoping to save some money, we also use nice suburban properties that would have brands of Hyatt Place, Holiday Inn Express, Country Inn and Suites, etc.  We look for properties that are in safe locations, are clean with up-to-date modeling, and are well laid out.  Each room has its own bathroom.

How many students are housed in each room?

Usually your American Christian Tours package is priced based on four students being accommodated in each room. Every room will have two large beds. There is a possibility that a fifth person might be placed into a student room, using a rollaway bed, if numbers of participants do not divide evenly by twos or fours. Your tour organizer makes rooming assignments. 

It can be a little cozy - but remember, we spend very little time in our rooms.  Usually our itineraries are so busy we just have time to get a good night's sleep before we head out the next day.

Can I select my roommates?

American Christian Tours does not assign roommates.  That is left up to the organizer of your trip.  That is usually your teacher.  Your tour organizer most likely will have some sort of plan in place where you will be able to give input on the people you would like to room with.

What types of meals are included on an American Christian Tours program?

American Christian Tours looks for restaurants and eating options that provide you with variety and choices.  Sometimes the meals are set up in a buffet-style other times they are plated, but they always allow for a number of options.  Breakfasts are normally set up at our hotels.  Lunches are normally not included in our package price, but we plan to go to places where there are many choices.  Dinners are complete hot meals.
Registration and Payments

Can I register online?

Probably not, you must be an adult, 18 years of age or older to register online.  Get your parent or guardian to do it for you!

My grandma wants to pay money toward my account online - can she?

Yes.  Your parent or guardian will set up an account and make a reservation for you to be on your program.  They will have a username and password.  If your parents want to share that username and password with your grandma they can.  People can make numerous payments on your account at any time with different credit cards.
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About the Program:

Do I have to do "homework" on the program?

Your trip organizer/teacher will determine any assignments you might have.  American Christian Tours does provide a student workbook/journal for you to bring along on the program.  It helps orient you to the different sites you might visit on tour.

Can I use my cellphone, i-Pad, or other electronics on the program?

Your trip organizer/teacher will determine what electronics you can use and what guidelines are in place for cellphone use.  However, at a minimum, American Christian Tours will ask that during tours and presentations your phones be silenced or turned off.

Is there a dress code on the program?

Yes, usually your school dress code will suffice.  Your program organizer/teacher will clarify what is allowed.  Keep in mind that American Christian Tours enforces a no alcohol/no drugs/no profanity/no sex policy.  That also means any clothing that would in any way show/refer to/state/imply anything to do with alcohol, drugs, profanity, or sex will not be allowed.
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