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Souvenir Video
Pictures of you and your friends.  A keepsake DVD.
American Christian Tours
American Christian Tours has partnered with Group Travel Videos™ to include in most of our education program packages a quality souvenir video made from pictures taken on your trip with American Christian Tours that you can enjoy for years to come. While on tour, you can download their FREE app and the students can use their smartphones or digital cameras to take and upload photos to their secure password protected website. Or, as in the past, you can request the use of their digital cameras (1 per motor coach) provided by Group Travel Videos™, and your classmates or travel partners can use these to take picture of your time exploring our nation's great historical sites.  

After the tour your trip organizer will return the cameras using a pre-paid Priority mail box provided, and Group Travel Videos™ will create DVD’s from them, one for each participant on programs including the video option.  These videos will be sent to your school and each person will receive their copy.
NEW ADDITIONAL FEATURE - Geo Mapping and Messaging.

PhotoVision Inc., creators of Group Travel Videos™, is proud to introduce their new geo-mapping and messaging feature available for your trip effective immediately.

It is a private geo-mapping and messaging feature. It allows you to find all of your travelers on your trip who have the app on their smart phone. As the group leader using the photo admin login codes, you have the ability to message a specific traveler or the entire group at once. So you no longer have to collect your travelers’ phone numbers, or have a separate app for messaging. One of the most comforting benefits is if someone is not with the group, this feature can help you find them.

The mapping and messaging feature turns on the morning you depart and turns off at the end of the day of your return.

Very Private. Secure. And Simple!

This feature is part of the private Group Travel Videos™ photo sharing app. Each group has their own unique username and password pre-printed on the App cards provided. The travelers simply login in as they begin the trip and can message their Organizer from the App but will not be able to message each other. Organizers have their own unique username and password which allows them to message the entire group or an individual passenger and can also see everyone on the map.

This new feature is a great way to help everyone feel safe. Anytime the whole group is not together, an Organizer can check the map and have the comfort of knowing everyone's location. Only those with the groups unique login code will be have access to your group’s photos and mapping/messaging information.
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