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American Christian Tours (ACTSģ), is an educational student travel company that was started in 1984.  ACTS organizes student education programs of our nationís historic East Coast for thousands of students, teachers and parents each year.  While the work done behind the scenes through the ACTS office is essential to a successful tour, the position of an ACTS Education Program Leader has the potential to make or break the success of the tour.
ACTS is seeking persons to facilitate our historic East Coast tour programs as Education Program Leaders.  This program works with students in mostly sixth through twelfth grades.  The prime destination of our educational programs is Washington, D.C. with add-on extensions to Williamsburg, Gettysburg, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston.  Additional destinations could include Charlottesville, Amish Country, Annapolis and Plymouth.

This position is seasonal, with most placements occurring each year between the months of March and June with potential placements available in other months of the year.

Recent college graduates.
Persons involved in summer seasonal Mission Trips.
Former educators.
Empty nesters.
Recently retired persons.
Persons with flexible work situations.

This position is rewarding, fulfilling and for many has been a very enjoyable experience.  Along the way you will get to meet great Christian people, see amazing historical and significant sights and attractions, watch fun performances, enjoy delicious meals, and grow in your walk with the Lord.  However, the Education Program Leader also carries a great deal of responsibility.  The Education Program Leader has the most enjoyable experience with this responsibility when they exhibit certain characteristics.

The Education Program Leader should be a clear-minded, safety oriented, moral person of Christian character who enjoys working with people, especially students.  The Education Program Leader should be in good health.  Each day the Education Program Leader will be on his or her feet for long periods of time.  Mornings are early and evenings tend to be late.  This is not a time for leisurely touring (dining, visiting, and being alone enjoying the sights, exhibits and scenery), although those opportunities may occur.

Since our business involves working with Christian schools and presenting Christian facts, prayers, and devotions, those familiar and comfortable with the Christian faith and having a personal relationship with Christ on a daily basis would obviously be the best suited for this position.  Although we are non-denominational in our presentations, an understanding of various Christian backgrounds will be a definite asset to anyone in this position.

An interest in or knowledge of our nationís history is also a strong plus for those seeking this position, since our visits primarily include historical sites.  Also, a working knowledge of geography and the reading of maps for navigational purposes are skills found to be very useful.

The following are
must-have requirements that are necessary to be an ACTS Education Program Leader:
Must clear required pre-employment background checks.
Must have or obtain a DC Class Tour Guide license prior to first tour.
Must attend mandatory ACTS Educational Program Leader training and seminars.
Must complete ACTS onsite training sessions.

The following are
should-have requirements that would enhance an ACTS Education Program Leader:
Should have a college degree.
Should enjoy students and have experience working with them.
Should have backgrounds in teaching, travel, US History, Social Studies or related studies and fields.
Should be a confident public speaker, able to present information in a clear, interesting, and exciting manner.
Should have a general knowledge of ACTS tour destination cities.
Should be available for tour placements between the months of March through June.

Following are some of the duties that this position would include:
Picking up and checking in large groups of people (mostly elementary and junior high school age) at busy metropolitan airports.
Retrieving luggage and escorting the group to a waiting motorcoach.
Always maintaining order and safety throughout the education program.
Keeping the group together at all times.
Giving fun and enthusiastic descriptions about the sights and places that the group is seeing.
Checking the group into various attractions and restaurants.  Giving accurate passenger counts and being responsible for billings checks, and cash.
Checking the group in and out of various hotels, making sure that rooming lists correspond with assigned rooms, handling front desk procedures.
Assisting ACTS and hotel security in maintaining order in the hotel.
Presenting to the group an orientation to the rules and procedures that ACTS maintains at the hotel and on the education program.
Keeping records of financial transactions, being responsible for keeping track of important documents and other equipment.
Presenting our nationís Christian Legacy at various sights without showing religious bias or preference.
Maintaining a morally clean character at all times, never giving people a cause for doubt or suspicion.
Handling emergency and on the spot decisions with a clear mind.
Working with the organizing teacher diplomatically without causing dissension, yet maintaining safety and observing ACTS policies and guidelines.
Being time-conscious, waking up on time, meeting appointments, getting the group to the airport on time - allowing for traffic and possible delays.

ACTS normally has a number of positions available for the late winter and spring of each year.  It would be our preference if seasonal Education Program Leaders would have the flexibility and wherewithal to be able to continue with ACTS for several years or more to make the cost of training beneficial to the company.  The main part of the ACTS education program season starts in late February and continues throughout the month of June.  There are also education programs scattered throughout the rest of the year. 
Education Program Leaders are compensated per day of of an education program.  Each year of experience will result in an increase in compensation.  The Education Program Leaders are paid approved expenses necessary to their placement.  Any travel and housing necessary to the trip, is covered by ACTS.

Over 30 years of experience in the Educational Student Tour field.
An experienced, efficient home office support staff.
Onsite East Coast support staff.
Competitive compensation.
Staff training sessions, seminars, and tours.
ACTS uniforms.
Comprehensive staff scheduling and placement procedures.
ACTS paid placement and travel expenses.

As a requirement of employment ACTS will need to obtain a consumer report for employment purposes.  This inquiry may include, but will not be limited to: criminal records, motor vehicle records, addresses and social security verification, civil court records, educational verification, personal or professional references and copies of prior personnel records.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), 15 U.S.C.s1681b(b)(2)(B), requires that a consumer must authorize in advance the procurement of a consumer report for employment purposes.  You would be asked to authorize this procurement prior to employment with ACTS.

ACTS will work with those hired for this position to provide them with all the necessary training and assistance to make this job an enjoyable and productive experience for all.  Each year ACTS conducts several training sessions for ACTS education program staff.  On-site training tours are also conducted.  Attendance for all training will be required.  The expenses of training are covered by ACTS.  As applicants think about the duties of this position, they will see the value in having this training.  Informational materials, videos, and other material are also provided for study and preparation.  Persons hired for this position would be placed on a probationary period which would last through the training sessions.  At that time final decisions are made on whether employment will be continued.

ACTS also requires that those hired for this position need to be licensed by the District of Columbia with a tour guide license.  ACTS will work with those hired to help them obtain this necessary license.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please complete and application and submit it in your desired matter.


For answers to further questions, please contact Jay Proffitt, Director of Educational Program Leaders, at
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