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Parent FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions.
Frequently Asked Questions of Parents:
Below are some of the commonly asked questions that parents have asked when deciding whether or not to make the investment for their child to attend an American Christian Tours Education Program.  While not every question is asked or answered, we encourage you to take a minute to browse through our FAQ's.  If there is a question you don't see here - please contact us and let us know. 

We have broken them up into categories, so they are a little easier to find.

Categories of FAQ's:
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Why should our child travel with American Christian Tours?

American Christian Tours is committed to providing your child with a safe educational tour program of our nation's top historical sites and attractions.  Our safe, professional Education Program Leaders will guide your child and their friends on an amazing journey.  Your child will be excited as they see our nation's history come to life.  Their minds will be expanded through the power of travel - experience different cultures, sights, and smells.  They will learn so much about themselves and the country they have grown up in.  Your child will be empowered by the knowledge they gather on this program to go forward into their future and make better informed and productive choices. 

Who leads American Christian Tours' education programs?

American Christian Tours' Education Programs are led by leaders who have had multiple experiences working with students in educational, travel and recreational settings.  These leaders have been selected for their personalities, leadership abilities and their experiences.  All of American Christian Tours' Program Leaders have been screened and had their backgrounds checked.  Each leader is also licensed by the District of Columbia with a Tour Guides license.  Each program leader is annually reviewed and evaluated.

Are your Education Program Leaders screened?

Yes, all American Christian Tours Education Program Leaders are screened and background checked using national databases, fingerprints, and state law enforcement resources.

Is the program chaperoned?

Yes, American Christian Tours' Education Programs are set up to include one chaperone per every ten participants on east coast tours and one chaperone per every twenty participants on west coast trips.  American Christian Tours works with your group organizer to identify who the program chaperones are.

How do I contact my child in case of an emergency?

The group organizer for your American Christian Tours Education Program will be provided with a list of hotel and contact numbers to distribute to all participants.  Parents can always call the American Christian Tours hotline (800-222-2001) in cases of emergency and our staff will contact the American Christian Tours' Education Program Leader to connect with your child. 

What are American Christian Tours' safety procedures?

American Christian Tours recognizes that our highest priority is the safety of our participants.  Each participant is provided with a program badge and lanyard to wear throughout the tour.  This badge is preprinted with the American Christian Tours 24-hour toll-free emergency hotline number that participants or first responders can use to contact our office in cases of emergency.  All of the providers and vendors that we use have been evaluated with safety and comfort in mind.  From safety-approved, late model, quality motor coaches to safe, comfortable name-brand hotels and quality restaurants and attractions - American Christian Tours has our participants' safety in mind.  Each night at our hotels, American Christian Tours also provides nighttime security that is posted on our groups' floors, allowing participants and teachers to have a good night of rest. 

How many students are housed in each room?

Students are normally housed four in a room.  There are cases where, due to the registered numbers, students may be housed three or five in a room.  Students can also stay double in a room with their parent.  American Christian Tours' policy does not allow students to stay just two to a room.

Can my child select their roommates?

Rooming lists are created by the program's trip organizer.  The trip organizer will send American Christian Tours a rooming list about a month prior to the trip's departure.  Participants should contact their trip organizer with any roommate requests.

What type of meals are included on a American Christian Tours program?

The majority of American Christian Tours' Education Programs include a breakfast and dinner each full day of the tour.  The breakfasts are normally provided at the groups' hotel.  These are full -American breakfasts that are usually served in a buffet style.  Some breakfasts are extended continental (depending on whether the program is based on a more budget- conscious package.)  Breakfasts occasionally are at local restaurants.  During the day, the group is usually provided with a food court or fast food option that does not use up too much tour time and provides a number of options.  Depending on the group's itinerary - dinners are usually a sit down hot meal at either buffet-style restaurants, cafeterias, the group's hotel or national or locally recognized chains or restaurants.  Occasionally, dinners may be at food courts.  They can also be at unique colonial taverns or be a dinner boat cruise, or at a ball game.  It all depends on the itinerary, but meals have been selected with students in mind.

What are American Christian Tours Dietary Restrictions/Food Allergy Policy/Procedure

While American Christian Tours takes a number of steps to facilitate food requirements and dietary restrictions, it is impossible for ACTS to be responsible for guaranteeing specific food availability or uniquely prepared foods for those with special dietary needs.

For those children who have serious food allergies or complex food requirements, we encourage parents to include snacks and extra meal money to purchase specially prepared foods.  An adult participant will be expected to be able to accommodate for their own special dietary food requirements while on the program.

The Education Program School Organizer should be informed of any special dietary needs.  The Organizer will in turn be in touch with American Christian Tours.

Please note: ACTS will not be able to provide a list of eating establishments prior to program departure.

My child is physically disabled, are they still able to attend the program?

Yes.  American Christian Tours follows all ADA guidelines and will assist in making arrangements for your child's special
needs.  Participants need to clearly notify American Christian Tours at the time of registration if they are need of special
arrangements due to disability.

How much money should I send with my child?

Usually American Christian Tours' Education Program packages include a complete breakfast and dinner each full day of tour.  You will want to check your package itinerary for specific details; however lunches are not usually included in the package.  With that in mind, you will want to include money for lunch each day.  Normally $10 per lunch is adequate.  Other expenses would be souvenirs.  Other than that, everything is covered in the ACTS package: travel expenses, hotels, most meals, all scheduled attractions, and all gratuities.

If your child's package includes an airline trip the baggage fees and onboard airline amenity costs are not included by American Christian Tours.  Each airline will have different baggage fees. You will wish to know that ahead of time.

Medical Assistance on Tour

Please know that the safety of your group is our top priority!  In the event of an emergency, 911 will always be contacted. 
For non-emergency situations, we utilize other healthcare options, such as the following: 
Inn-House Doctor:  We partner with Inn-House Doctor, a company that provides top-level medical care in the comfort and
convenience of the home, workplace, or hotel room on a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week basis. 

To utilize this service, you would simply call the appropriate on-call phone number, which your Education Program Leader
would provide.  A physician returns the call within 15 minutes to provide the necessary pre-assessment and service plan. 
A licensed physician from one of the finest local hospitals then provides high-level, on-site care, as needed, in the comfort
of your own hotel room.

If this service is needed for a student who does not have a parent on the tour, Inn-House Doctor would contact the parent
via telephone to receive parental consent, which is similar to how the situation would be addressed in a hospital. 

Charges vary based on services performed; there is a minimum charge of $400.  Inn-House Doctor only accepts credit
card payment.  They do provide the paperwork needed to submit to insurance companies.  Again, for those students who
do not have a parent on the tour, Inn-House Doctor will work with parents via telephone regarding these matters. 

It is good to know that Inn-House Doctor will address any follow-up questions from primary physicians in order to maintain
continuity of care for any patient who they see.

This service is available in the Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Boston areas.
Minute Clinics:  There are a number of CVS drugstores in Washington, DC, Virginia, and New Jersey that include Minute
Clinics.  Your Education Program Leader will assist you in finding the closest one.

How do I register my child for their Education Program?

The Organizer at your child's school (usually a teacher) who is planning the Education Program with American Christian Tours has a sheet that they will pass out to you and your child.  This Participant Registration Handout will have the itinerary of the program on one side and instructions for registering on the other, along with the program investment amounts.  There will also be a Program Code and Password that are both necessary to register a participant.

You will find the registration section on the homepage of this website.  It is below the American Christian Tours logo on the upper left-hand side. 

How can I make a payment for my child's Education Program?

Payments are made directly to American Christian Tours. Except for the deposit, which is never more than ten percent of the tour price, the payments are made payable directly to American Christian Tours Client Trust Account, an FDIC insured client trust account administered by an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants (CPA's) (in California, all payments, including the deposit, go directly to American Christian Tours' Client Trust).

You can make payments for you or your child's program at any time for any amount.  American Christian Tours accepts VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards along with PayPal.  You will log in to your account, which you set up at the time of registration.  From there you can check your balances, change your password, change your address, and make payments.

The deposit is paid upon registration.  The rest of the program cost is divided into two approximately equal payments: one to be paid ninety (90) days prior to trip departure and another to be paid sixty (60) days prior to trip departure.  However, participants can go online at any time and make smaller payments, they just need to make sure that the scheduled payment amount is made on time to avoid late charges.

Does American Christian Tours provide trip cancellation coverage?

American Christian Tours provides a Medical Cancellation Policy that participants can purchase only at the time of registration which allows them to cancel their trip for medical reasons with a doctor's confirmation.  We direct participants to visit Travel Guard  http://www.travelguard.com  to find a product tailor-made for their needs that would allow them to cancel for any reason.

What does it mean when a trip is in a "Waitlist"?

When an education program is listed as being in a "Waitlist Status," it means the number of registered participants exceeds the transportation (airline, motorcoach, etc.) capacity available.  American Christian Tours is aware of the situation and is working on securing additional space.

American Christian Tours strongly encourages participants to continue registering, as a large majority of waitlist situations are cleared by our office securing additional space.  The waitlist is lifted for the majority of participants and will be done in the order in which American Christian Tours received those registrations.

In the rare instance that American Christian Tours is not able to secure additional space, all monies paid for registration, including the non-refundable deposit, will be refunded to the participants.

You will be notified when your waitlist status has been lifted and you have been moved to your tour's active list.

Do you need my child's medical information?

American Christian Tours requests that your medical information be provided to your tour organizer.  If you have special medical information that requires American Christian Tours to make special ADA accomodations then you need to let American Christian Tours know upon registration

Can I use frequent flier miles or hotel points to lower the cost of my child's trip?

No.  American Christian Tours' education programs are sold as a package.  They already take discounted rates into consideration.  On many of American Christian Tours' programs,  participants are offered the ability to buy the package "Land Only."  This means participants can purchase our packages minus the air arrangements and make and purchase their own air arrangements.  The Land Only form is available from the tour organizer and must be submitted to our office at least ninety (90) days prior to trip departure.  The price of the package is adjusted after the processing of the Land Only form.

Land Only participants are responsible to meet up with the group.  Keep in mind that many times the airlines will make schedule and even sometimes airport changes changes close to trip departure that ACTS has no control over.

Do you have Terms and Conditions I can read before I register my child?

Yes.  The Terms and Conditions are available to read here.

Can I view my account history?

Yes.  You start the Registration process by creating an account.  Once you have created your account you can then make as many bookings for trips as you wish.  Each booking is tied to your account.  You may not change the booking, but you can change the password and contact information (contact name, address, email, etc.) of the account.

You can access your account online at www.acts-tours.com with your username (usually email address) and password.  If you have lost your password or cannot remember it, there is an online process to retrieve it.

You can view current and past bookings, view payment history and balances, and make payments.

Can I register after the deadline?

If airline seats have already been ticketed/released, we may not be able to secure an airline ticket for you with the group, or the ticket price may be higher (possibly considerably higher) than what was secured for the group.  Consequently, there may be an additional fee for your airline ticket, and it is possible that you will not fly with the group.
Tickets for some venues may no longer be available (ie. Broadway, museums, etc).  At high volume times of the year especially, tickets sell out months prior.  If we cannot secure a ticket for an event with the group, we will do our best to accommodate an alternative, but it may not be possible.
If hotel space has been released, it is likely that additional rooms will not be available.  You will have to discuss with the organizer the possibility of being housed in the existing group space.
Education Programs close to additional participants at 15 days prior to departure.
When registration and payment dates have passed, you will be considered a late registrant.  While we will do everything we can to secure space for you on the program, please keep the following in mind:

How are American Christian Tours itineraries designed and who chooses which sites and attractions are included?

The itinerary is designed by American Christian Tours' team of Itinerary Specialists.  Our ACTS Education Program Consultants work with the Organizer (usually the teacher from your child's school) who booked the trip with American Christian Tours.  Sometimes the Organizer will have specific requests of attractions selected that will enhance your child's curriculum.   Most of the itinerary is based on American Christian Tours' experience since 1984 of providing quality, safe and fun programs for students from all over the United States.

What type of transportation is provided on American Christian Tours programs?

American Christian Tours uses newer model motorcoach equipment that meets all federal transportation guidelines.  We use deluxe motorcoaches equipped with large windows, comfortable upholstered seating, a restroom, air conditioning, and a public address system.

If a group has air transportation included, we try to utilize the least expensive carrier options to provide you with a better price.  ACTS does not include the baggage fees, and this can vary with the different carriers.

What type of hotels does American Christian Tours stay at?

American Christian Tours has several tiers of hotel properties that we utilize.  We use high-quality brand hotels in  downtown locations in Washington, D.C.  Common brands we use would include Hyatt, Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn, etc.  For groups wishing to economize we also use nice suburban properties that would have brands of Hyatt Place, Holiday Inn Express, Country Inn and Suites, etc.  We look for properties that are in safe locations, are clean with up-to-date modeling, and are well laid out.
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