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Michael Furchert
An ACTS exclusive partnership provided as a
Preferred Benefit to schools traveling with ACTS
American Christian Tours
American Christian Tours is honored to partner with Mr. Michael Furchert to help impact
young people for Christ.  Throughout Nazi Germany and Communism, three generations
of the Furchert family held true to their faith in God, and as a student, Michael refused to
join the communist youth party and stood firm in his faith.  As an East German teenager,
on November 9th, 1989, Michael saw the Berlin Wall come down.  This day would change
world history and his life forever.  For Michael, it was the beginning of a ministry that has
taken him across the world to share the miraculous stories from behind the wall; a
message of hope, faith and freedom.
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"There are no barriers to faith except those we allow to be there!  Communism didn't bring down our faith. - Our faith brought down the Berlin Wall!"
"Let me be as bold as to say that the true problem of our time is not that prayer is being removed from the schools and the Word of God from public ground. The true problem of our time is that the cross of Christ and the message of salvation is being removed from our very churches."
" We don't really need political freedom for our faith to grow strong. We need a Bible, the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. We need a personal relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ. Our faith does not depend on outward circumstances. It doesn't matter whether dictatorship or democracy, rich or poor, persecution or freedom. It matters that our life is built on the solid rock that is Christ Jesus our Lord, that we accept his faithfulness and return our faithfulness to Him! "
" When I grew up in Communist East Germany there was a clear line! Communism on one side. God on the other. I had to make a choice! I couldn't walk the fence. Under freedom this line is blurred. There's a huge gray area. It has become easy to take this freedom for granted, let faith grow superficial and light and follow God and the world at the same time. "
A Miracle Behind the Berlin Wall
Watch this video highlighting Michael's story and the partnership between Michael and American Christian Tours.
Michael's article,
Let the Wall Come Down in Decision Magazine
Only One Life
For 30 years American Christian Tours has provided excellent travel programs grounded in
a biblical worldview, which align with the educational goals of our schools.  As exciting as
it is to see your studentsí eyes light up when they see the Washington Monument, the
Capitol building and the Statue of Liberty, it is even more rewarding to see them connect
history with Godís plan for their future and the realization that only one life can make a
Michael and Your Students
Following Godís leading our goal is to support Christian schools in reaching the next
generation for him.  With this at the heart of our mission, we are excited to have Michael
Furchert join the American Christian Tours team, so we can offer an amazing opportunity
to have Michael speak at your school.  As a Preferred Benefit for schools traveling with
ACTS, we will contribute scholarship funding to help underwrite the cost of bringing
Michael to your school to speak at chapel services, assemblies, teacher in-service days or
similar events.*  We believe his story will bring an unparalleled challenge to your students
to stand firm in their faith to passionately follow Christ.
"Highlight of the tour was Mike Furchert.  Dynamic, great connection with kids, insightful story teller, and challenging historical/spiritual message.  Well received by my students...they were wishing he could spend more time with them."
                                     - Trip Organizer
Contact one of our friendly Education Program Consultants
to find out how you can benefit from this program.

*Based on scheduling and availability.
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