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We are grateful for the opportunity God has granted us to share this nation's rich godly heritage with the next generation.  We
pray for His continued blessings as we work with educators like yourself in training the next generation of young men and women
"for such a time as this."

Our Familiarization Program philosophy  at ACTS is simple.  We invite you to experience the REAL deal!  Our "fam" program
includes you, a potential ACTS organizer, as a participant on one of our outstanding Education Programs with a real school and
real students. You will spend time with students just like yours, seeing how they respond and react to the sites and attractions. 
You will eat with them and sleep at the same hotels they do. Experiencing an actual Education Program is the missing ingredient
that many "get to know us trips" miss!  Depending on the type of tour your school is interested in planning, and your date
availability, we will select the best Education Program for you to join.

Because we believe that Familiarization Programs are an investment for future relationships, the cost to participate is largely
absorbed by ACTS.  We have every confidence that after this experience, you will be ready to plan an Education Program for your
students with us - American Christian Tours.

In an effort to be good stewards of our investments, we ask two things of you:

First, please have your principal or superintendent draft a letter stating that an Education Program of this nature is of serious
interest to the school and that you have his/her approval to participate in a Familiarization Program on behalf of the school.  You
will be able to upload this letter when you complete the online application.
Second, please complete the application;

One of our Education Program Consultants will then contact you with more details.

The low cost of this Familiarization Program will be based on the type and length of program in which you choose to participate.

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The real deal in observing ACTS.
Familiarization Program
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