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At ACTS, we love our Educator Organizers!
American Christian Tours has been privileged to work with hundreds of amazing educators from all over our country.  We have seen the love and sacrifice that you make for the enrichment of your students.  We desire to partner with you on this amazing journey of taking your students outside your classroom to the sites where so many important events occured in the life of our nation. 
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As a travel company, American Christian Tours believes that travel in and of itself is great education.  There is so much to learn about oneself and our country just by traveling.  For students especially, learning to budget their money, sharing close space with others, finally putting reality to images they have seen, learning about the hand of God in the foundation of our nation and responding to God's hand in their own lives -- these all add up to a great educational experience. 

American Christian Tours has also developed The ACTS Explorer.  This full-color workbook is filled with quotes, Bible verses, highlights of the visible Christian influence in our nation, and places to journal and answer questions relating to the sites visited.  It has maps and brief site descriptions along with a place to focus on the Christian character that made our country strong. 

Finally, our staff of Education Program Leaders are trained and educated by leading Christian historians, lecturers and educators.  They are prepared to share with your students the stories of how God moved in the formation of our nation.  They will lead your group in discussions related to Christian development and will encourage your students to become world changers for this time and place.

What is more inspiring than watching your students as they participate in a moving wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery as taps is being played?  It's an amazing opportunity to have your class at the World War II Memorial when a group of veterans enter the memorial for the first time.  Watching your students spontaneously thank the veterans is a moment you will never forget. 

Or maybe your group is at the Holocaust Memorial Museum and a survivor happens to be in the section dealing with the death camps.  She begins talking to your students.  The survivor takes them over to the wall.  There is an aerial photograph of the camp.  As she raises her arm to show your students the barracks she was in, her sleeve slides down.  Your students see her arm tattoo and suddenly the whole story of the Holocaust has come alive in front of them!

Maybe your students go to Capitol Hill and they have an opportunity to meet with their congressperson.  During the meeting they learn that their representative attends a Bible study on Capitol Hill and that there are Christians on the Hill who are committed to ministering to the members of Congress.  Your students are impacted to start praying for our leaders.   These are some of the inspiring moments that your students can encounter on their education tour program.

American Christian Tours is committed to the safety of your students.

Please read our Safety information here
Choosing to make the investment to have a student participate in an education program is a decision that many educators and parents take seriously.  They want to know that their hard-earned money is going to be protected and not lost prior to their student experiencing all the program has to offer them.

American Christian Tours takes this investment seriously.  We are pleased to offer solid finanacial protection.  Read about our financial protection here.

What is a Fam Tour?  In the tour industry a Fam Tour is a free or reduced-rate trip offered to travel professionals to acquaint them with what a destination, attraction or supplier has to offer.

The American Christian Tours Fam Tour invites educators, like you, to look at what we do on an actual tour.  Many student tour operators will provide educators interested in their programs a chance to go on a tour that acquaints them with the product of that company.  Most often, this type of tour consists soley of educator participants.  While this type of tour might be fun, interesting, and informative, it lacks something that ACTS feels is a very important part of the decision-making process -- the students.  To learn more, follow the link -

Frequently Asked Questions of Educators:
Clicking on the link below will bring you to a list of some of the commonly asked questions that educators have asked when deciding on the most suitable American Christian Tours Program for their students. 

While not every question is asked or answered, we encourage you to take a minute to browse through our FAQ's.  If there is a question you don't see here, please contact us, and we will be happy to address your question.  We may even add it to our list. 

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We work with small groups!
From a smaller school and don't feel like you can pull off a trip?  Listen to one of our educators share her experience with ACTS...
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American Christian Tours understands that your main focus is educating your students.  That is why your ACTS team of Program Consultants, Itinerary Specialists, Education Program Leaders and support staff seek to provide you with the highest level of integrity, excellence and commitment.  We are here to serve  you.
American Christian Tours knows that every school is different and that every teacher has different interests and goals.  Whatever your educational focus, budget, age group, or desired attractions may be - ACTS will custom-fit your education program to your specifications. Just let us know!

Hotels, meals, ballgames, Broadway shows, off-the-beaten-track sites and attractions.  We can work with you to provide you with many different options to address your requests.  Of course, everything is based on availability and cost.  The sooner you book your education program, the better your chances of securing sought after elements.

Oh, the places you'll go...
Check out our Student Education Programs for some of the more common ACTS destinations.  Just remember, just because you don't see it - doesn't mean we can't take you there. 
How To Organize an Education Program
View our SWAY to quickly get your program off the ground.  It's simple and easy to get ACTS busy working for you.  We are looking forward to providing your students with an amazing education tour program.
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