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ACTS Education Programs are all-inclusive, customizable and designed with a Christian worldview in mind.

American Christian Tours offers a wide variety of exciting education programs to connect your students with the rich Christian history of our nation - all from a Christian world-view.  These programs are action-packed and created with students in mind.  Watch your students' interests come alive as they leave the confines of your classroom walls and walk onto the stage of history.  ACTS' Education Programs can also become mission trips - to your students, as they learn how the faith of our Founders and subsequent Americans impacted the history of our country.  It is our prayer that they will be inspired to further embrace and live their Christian faith and impact their own communities and social circles.
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What's Included in an ACTS Education Program?
The following is a list of inclusions that are a part of virtually every ACTS Education Program*:
Round-trip air* or motorcoach transportation to and from the tour program.
Luxury motorcoach transportation during the tour program.
Full-time licensed ACTS Education Program Leader with your group the entire program.
Hotel accommodations each night of the tour program - quad occupancy+
Hall monitor security overnight at your hotel.
Breakfast and dinner each full tour program day++
All scheduled attraction admissions and fees.
ACTS Security ID badges
ACTS Explorer Travel Journal
ACTS Insurance
Online registration, payments, Educator's E-Office, online reporting.
*Unless stated otherwise in the program contract.
**baggage fees not included.
+other occupancy rates are available.
++lunches may be added.
The Historic Triangle of Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown comes alive as you
explore the past.  Learn the role of faith in the establishment of Jamestown over
400 years ago, in the yearnings for Independence in Williamsburg, and in the final
major battle of the Revolutionary War in Yorktown.
As students visit the marble buildings and memorials of our nation's capital
city, they will see how our nation had its foundation built on a strong faith in
God.  As we take time to pray for our leaders and discuss Christian worldview
and godly character, it is our desire that they begin to see how they can
become world changers "for such a time as this."
This small quiet town in Pennsylvania, scene of enormous national sacrifice, became
etched in the mind of America after the great Civil War battle and  Abraham
Lincoln's famous address.
A visit to this famous Amish settlement will give your students a lesson in religious freedom.  They will also experience a simpler lifestyle filled with faith and family, not to mention great food!
Among the glitz and glamour of the Big Apple that celebrates the accomplishments
of man in architecture, finance, fashion, and the arts - learn how God has been at
work here during the Revolutionary War, the Wall Street Revival, and more.
Great icons of freedom and liberty surround you as you walk the historic blocks of
Old Town Philadelphia - the "City of Brotherly Love."  Learn how dependence on
God helped our nation have independence from tyranny.
As you follow the Freedom Trail, learn how the Puritan John Winthrop's "City upon
a Hill," would become home to the Cradle of Liberty and the start of America's War
for Independence.  Also includes information on Plymouth
THE MARCH - Journey from Civil War to Civil Rights
Follow the journey of the South as it moved from the devastation of the Civil War to
the struggle of the Civil Rights.   Highlight cities include Memphis, Birmingham, and
Booking Your Program
American Christian Tours also provides California, Texas, and Illinois State History
Programs (which are great for students from other regions), the Grand Canyon,
Yosemite and more.  If you don't see a destination you are looking for - just ask.
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