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American Christian Tours was incorporated in the state of California in 1984.  In ACTS' first year, expectations were to take approximately 200 students to Washington, D.C. and an equal number to the California State Capital.  Instead, ACTS finished the year having taken almost 600 students to Washington and about 700 to the state capital.
ACTS' first offices were in a small, one room office that was part of a mini-storage warehouse.  ACTS' second office was in a new retail center.  Both were in Palm Springs, California.  In 1987, ACTS moved to Rancho, California and had approximately 1200 square feet of commercial office space.  In 1988, the company headquarters moved to Rice Lake, Wisconsin, planning and building a new 8000 square foot building.  The corporate office has been located in Rice Lake since that time.

ACTS has enjoyed growth almost every year of its existence.  ACTS currently employs about 20 full-time staff, and approximately the same number of part-time seasonal staff, hired as our Education Program Leaders.

Since its beginning, ACTS has safely taken tens of thousands of Christian school students, teachers, and parents on educational travel programs to our nation's capitol of Washington, D.C. and other destinations.
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With the mission of enabling Christian educators and schools worldwide to effectively prepare students for life, ACSI (the Association of Christian Schools International) currently serves over 5,300 member schools in approximately 100 countries with an enrollment of nearly 1.2 million students.
State Required Text

Of the states in which we operate (47 states) only three require any special wording be placed in any advertising. These same three require Seller of Travel registration numbers. No other states in which we operate require either registration or special text provisions.

California:  Seller of Travel Registration Number 200989-40
Registration as a Seller of Travel does not constitute approval by the State of California.
California client funds are placed in our client trust account administered by an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants (CPA's). In California, ACTS complies with S.B. 142 and has a compliance package which includes a written contract as required by the state.

The State of California, in late 1995, passed two travel laws. The first, affects all "sellers of travel" doing business in the state, requiring registration. Our registration number is 2000989-40. Please note that like every other major student tour company, we are headquartered out of state and are not covered by the TCRC which seeks to provide some protection to consumers harmed by California-based travel companies but which has limited funds and is NOT backed by the "faith and credit" of the state. With ACTS' exclusive CPA-administered client trust account we feel our protection exceeds all others, including those that might be part of the TCRC.

The second law requires that those sellers of travel who want to do business with schools must disclose certain information to the school administration, so that school officials can make a better informed decision about choosing an educational tour provider. American Christian Tours will provide this information to your school.

This same law requires that a contract between the school and the educational tour provider be established. American Christian Tours will sign and forward this contract to your school upon booking.

Washington:  Seller of Travel Registration Number 601 688 749
In Washington most of the Sellers of Travel law requirements were vacated by the legislature. Nonetheless, we registered and comply with all the requirements, even those removed as being too burdensome.

Oregon:  Seller of Travel Registration Number 204
Both Washington state and Oregon require us to say (this is our policy anyhow) that if we cancel the services we were to provide you,
then we must refund to you within fourteen (14) days all the money you have paid us for services not provided. Please note that it is our policy to refund money to the party that paid it. Therefore, if the money comes from a school, we refund it to the school. If it comes from an individual, we refund it to that individual.
The National Tour Association is a trade organization of thousands of tourism professionals involved in the growth and development of the packaged travel industry.
Travel Guard is the industry's leading provider of travel insurance plans - covering more than 6 million travelers worldwide each year.
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Our Location
People frequently ask us where Rice Lake is located.

The main office of American Christian Tours is located in the city of Rice Lake in beautiful northwestern Wisconsin. We are about 1.5 hours northeast of Minneapolis/St. Paul, 1.5 hours south of Duluth, Minnesota and Lake Superior and about 45 minutes north of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

To the east and south of Rice Lake are rolling hills covered with family farms, small towns and villages. To the north and west of Rice Lake are thick woods and clear cool lakes.  The City of Rice Lake has a population of about 8,500 and provides a regional market of about 65,000 with retail, medical, and professional services.
The vision and mission of ACTS is to continue to build an association and service that recognizes personal diversity with our fundamental unity, setting a new standard of Christ-centered academic excellence while assisting Christian schools to realize the highest level of educational credibility.  ACTS is passionately committed to modeling, teaching, and leading with actions and decisions that are consistent with Godís Word.
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ACTS is America's oldest organizer of educational tour programs to Washington, D.C., working exclusively with Christian schools.

ACTS provides excellent programs from a distinctly Christian perspective. Your students, and perhaps more importantly their parents and your school's administration and board, can rest comfortably knowing your trip is being operated by Christians, for Christians.

American Christian Tours consistently works with school groups from all over the United States - California, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and all points in between.  We work with several schools that come from as far away as Hawaii and Alaska.
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