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Preferred Benefits

Preferred Benefits to schools traveling with ACTS
American Christian Tours
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By using American Christian Tours as the provider of your school's eductional travel program you not only benefit from the over 30 years of experience that ACTS® provides, but also unlock access to some preferred benefits. 

AdvancED, has accredited ACTS as a Travel School and by completing an ACTS Education Travel Program, you are able to provide your students with high school credits. 

SYTA is the voice of Student & Youth Travel, and provides access to numerous programs that may help defer the cost of students participating in an ACTS Education Travel Program. 

As a school traveling with ACTS, you also qualify for scholarship funding to help underwrite the cost of a school visit by Michael Furchert.  This man's testimony of standing up for his Christian beliefs as a teenager in Communist East Berlin is a story you will not want your students to miss.

If you are a member school of ACSI, Association of Christian Schools International, ACTS has been authorized to provide you with Continuing Education Units for Education Programs completed with American Christian Tours.   Contact your ACTS Education Program Consultant for further information.

Groups choosing to include the Group Travel Videos™package, is immediately able to enjoy the benefits of geo-mapping and messaging on their program.  This private geo-mapping and messaging feature allows Program Organizers to find all of their travelers on their trip who have the app on their smart phone. the Program Organizer also will have the ability to message a specific traveler or the entire group at once. One of the most comforting benefits is if someone is not with the group, this feature can help you find them.
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