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What does "ACTS" stand for?

"ACTS" stands for American Christian Tours.   We love our name American Christian Tours, because we love our country deeply, we are committed to be followers of Jesus Christ, and we really enjoy traveling.  But ACTS is just a fast way to refer to us.  So most people who know us just use ACTS.

Where is ACTS located?

ACTS is located in northwest Wisconsin, in the city of Rice Lake.  ACTS was founded in Temecula, California in 1984.  The owner of our company had married a lady from Rice Lake and they moved "back home" in 1987.

How many people work for ACTS?

Our corporate office has about 20 full-time staff.  Our staff of trained Education Program Leaders (Tour Guides) are scattered around the country and usually number close to thirty or so.

What is the passion of ACTS?

Our passion is to take Americans on trips to key sites in our nation's history and turn their journey into a moving classroom.  As they experience the different sites, we hope to educate them and remind them of our nation's history and how God's hand has been at work in it.  We trust participants are inspired by what they learn and experience and return home to be world changers in their own families, churches, schools and communities.

Does ACTS do any trips out of the United States?

Currently ACTS' focus is domestic travel.  Over the years, we have done numerous overseas tours.  With current plans, it is likely you will see more international travel coming with ACTS.

What makes ACTS "Christian?"

We were founded by believers in Christ to work and serve the Christian community.  We desire to honor God and proclaim Christ.  We strive to do our work in a way that would be pleasing to God.  Integrity is a goal at the top of our list.  Our office staff regularly meets and prays for our schools, educators, tours and special requests Submit an email prayer request. Each tour is covered in pray during the course of the planning season and while the tour is out on the road.  Our staff is trained yearly by well known Christian historians and leaders.  Each tour utilizes the power of prayer, unity of believers, and the sharing of biblical truths as we travel.  Our company associates with other Christian organizations as we all work together to further the kingdom.

Are ACTS Education Programs Affordable?

Yes, ACTS programs are affordable.  We work hard to keep costs down as we negotiate with vendors, restaurants, hotels, motorcoaches, and air carriers.  We provide different options with regards to meals and hotels that allow groups to reduce the investment in their tours.  Does ACTS have the cheapest tour programs?  Probably not.  Someone can always come along and slash different things off of the tour to make it less costly.  The question to ask is, what are you losing in the process?  It is important to compare apples to apples when comparing companies.  Check out our Report Card to help get you started in comparing.

Do we have to fit your pre-planned tour programs?

ACTS is pleased to be able to customize your tour to meet your educational and financial needs.  Of course, everything requires time, usually has a cost, and depends on availability - so those are three big factors to keep in mind.  If you are wanting to do a lot of customization, it would be good to know that option is usually most achieveable if you are planning on traveling on your own with a full group.  We frequently will match smaller groups together to make the package affordable.  In those cases the customization level will be reduced due to having more parties in play.  You would need to be more flexible and willing to accommodate.
You may have more questions that you don't see answered here.  Please feel free to contact our friendly Education Program Consultants at 800-222-2001 or 715-234-6500.  You can also email us at information@acts-tours.com.  We would love to hear from you!
Thank you for your interest in American Christian Tours.  We hope that you are able to find answers to some of the questions you might have in the area below or in the links to the left.  Please contact us if you have addition questions that you need an answer to.
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