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"Only One Life"
During our tours, we have been struck with how one person, standing up for what is right, or wrong, can make a difference.  We each have one life to use.  We want to encourage students to use their only one life for
glory of God.
Bob from California and ACTS
A strong endorsement from an organizer who has used ACTS for many years to provide his students with a faith-based, education tour program.
Lenore from California and how easy an ACTS Education Tour Program is to put together.
Lenore shares how easy it is to put an ACTS education tour program together and working with the ACTS staff.
Terri from a small school shares about ACTS.
Terri shares how ACTS worked with her small school to match them up with some other smaller groups and got them matched on an ACTS Education Tour Program together.
Karen from West Virginia shares about ACTS
The spring of 2014, Karen sat down for a few minutes after a busy day of touring with her group, and shared about her experience with ACTS.
"Fully Prepared"
Students are bombarded with strong challenges as they live their Christian lives.  We want to show them - through educational student travel, with a Christian worldview - that they can be fully prepared for what life will challenge them with.
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