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We want to share the Christian history of our country with your students. Our nation has an amazing history.  There are so many examples of how God worked in the lives of men and women in the founding of our nation.  As our nation honored God and followed his principles, God blessed our nation and prospered us.  We are now in challenging times, but students will learn from the past that when a nation returns to God, he is faithful and will bless it.

Christian-based Site Presentations.  As students visit each historical site, ACTS works to present it through the light of a Christian lens.  Sites are shared with scripture, biblical principles, and Christian quotes.  Topics are raised to encourage the students to approach the site with a Christian worldview.
Being a Christian company is not just part of our name.
We our thankful for our name American Christian Tours.  Not only are we patriotic lovers of our country, more importantly we are lovers of Jesus Christ.  American Christian Tours desires to honor God and proclaim Jesus Christ.  We believe that we were placed here for "such a time as this."  We hope to educate people of all ages, through Christian-based historical tours, to become world changers.  On our tours we teach historical truths and we focus on developing Christian character.  It is our prayer that as educated world changers, people return from our tour programs desiring to impact their communities for the Kingdom of God.  We strive for excellence in the services we provide and maintain our goals through godly integrity, excellence, and commitment among ourselves and for those we represent and serve. 
What sets our programs apart?
We were started as a Christian company, by believers for believers.  Our roots as a company were founded in Christian principles.  Our office staff has regular times of prayer together.  It is our goal in the company to do everything through the filter of what would be honoring to God.

We design each education program with godly principles as our measure.  When putting together itineraries and choosing shows, events and even vendors, we attempt to determine if we feel those elements would be honoring to the name of Christ.  We are not perfect and we have made some mistakes, but we work to correct them as soon as possible.
Our Education Program Leaders are committed believers who will share God's principles with your students throughout the program tour.  Each ACTS EPL is a believer in Christ who desires to share their faith with your students.  Our staff is annually trained in seminars and on-site training which focus on the Christian principles that helped build our nation.  Throughout the years, we have had our staff trained by Christian historians like Dr. Marshall Foster of the World History Institute, David Barton of Wallbuilders, and Stephen McDowell of the Providence Foundation.   We will not put someone on your program as an EPL who is not a believer.

Each education program is covered in prayer. Our office sales staff is faithful in lifting up our organizers and schools in prayer throughout the year.  In many cases we have been able to rejoice with teachers as we together see prayers being answered.

Our ministry is your students.  Many schools look for a mission trip to influence their students.  We understand that and are not in any way minimizing the traditional mission trip.  But for us at ACTS, your students are our ministry.  Each trip is a "mission trip" as we pray that God will provide opportunities throughout the tour for your students to be challenged spiritually.  It is our prayer that they will be inspired to be world changers for such a time as this!  That they will be fully prepared...
Encouraging your students to become world changers -
"for such a time
as this."

It's tough being a young Christian today.  The pressures of the world are intense on today's young believers in Christ.  Yet, they are the hope for the future and God is ready to raise up a new generation of world changers for His kingdom.  They only have one life to live and ACTS wants to encourage them to make the most of it.
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The ACTS Explorer Workbook

Each student participant is provided with an ACTS workbook.  This booklet is a full-colored spiral bound book that covers most of the sites we visit on our education programs.  It contains pre-trip activities, a teacher assignment area, "A Message from God," site info, "Our Christian Heritage," maps, trivia, journal sections, and more.
Daily Devotions and Times of Prayer. We have several devotion opportunities that we can present with your students.  However, we understand that sometimes educator/organizers may have their own devotions that they want to share.  Just remember, our EPL staff is ready to present a devotion each day for your group.  We also love to have times of prayer with your group.  It is a special time to gather in front of the White House and have your students pray for our President and our leaders.  Many times students and parents will take time to pray in front of the Supreme Court or the Capitol or while meeting with their congressperson.  We have also had special times of prayer with soldiers stationed at the Tomb of the Unknowns and the Senate Chaplain. 

Christians in History Program.  American Christian Tours' program Christians in History, highlights the life of a famous American who was also a Christian.  The evening starts with a dinner at your hotel followed by an appearance of the character.  Through the use of actual quotes, costumes, and props, students are introduced to the character and have a chance to interact.  Over the years we have had George Washington, Abigail Adams, Stonewall Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and currently George Washington Carver.

Christian Character Discussions.  American Christian Tours has designed the ACTS Big Idea.  During the education tour program, students will discover the virtues and character of America's world changers.  Students will learn that they can take the core virtues that they have learned and use them to become world changers for today.

These are some of the things that set American Christian Tours aside as a provider of Christian-based Educational Tour Programs.  You can be confident that you have chosen the right company to provide your students with the unique opportunity to experience the excitement of learning how God has moved in the history of our nation.
Christian Historian on Staff. ACTS is honored to have Dr. Marshall Foster on our staff as our Director of Christian Education.  Dr. Foster has been traveling with ACTS since 1988.  He is a speaker, author,  and most recently in collaboration with actor Kirk Cameron, Dr. Foster was co-producer for the film, Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure.  More about Dr. Foster.  Each year Dr. Foster meets with the ACTS Education Program staff for training on the Christian heritage of our nation.
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